Collaboration in multiple languages

High quality conference and exhibition interpreting demonstrates your commitment to delegates from all nations.

It not only enhances the standing of your event but guarantees a wider range of visitors, boosting business opportunities across borders. Through our consultancy-based approach, we can tailor a conference package to suit your individual requirements and ensure you are not burdened by logistical issues on the day.

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Secured Remote
Simultaneous Interpreting

Multilingual events made easy

Our technology ensures the highest image quality levels for seamless hi-definition Remote Simultaneous Interpreting. With our Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

With our Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

  1. Avoid complex setup – Spend less time setting up and configuring interpreting equipment and more time running amazing events.
  2. Scale your event – Utilise cloud-based technology to ensure your events can go ahead online and be scaled to support any number of delegates.
  3. Connect audiences – Leverage real-time remote participation and remote interpretation to make your events more accessible to diverse audiences.


Immediate access to all interpreting services

WordSynk is thebigword Group’s unique platform for delivering all interpreting services in one place.

Used by clients from the world’s largest companies and brands, including the  British and US Government Departments.

  1. Secured by Microsoft Azure cloud security
  2. Accessible from anywhere with internet connection
  3. Mobile apps to coordinate interpreters and service users
  4. Detailed management reporting
  5. Built in automation and AI powered services
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Hi-definition Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

thebigword replace expensive interpretation hardware with expertly designed software and services to deliver simultaneous interpretation, anytime, anywhere.

The platform is easy-to-use and highly scalable to meet any requirements, we provide world-class conference interpreters best-suited to your event, and from anywhere in the world. Our qualified linguists and services team ensures the seamless deployment of all aspects of your interpretation needs, from planning to execution.

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Conference Interpreting specialists

Why thebigword?

Our conference interpreters are the perfect partner for delegates.

Premium Service

Our conference interpreters are members of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC) and provide the highest quality service to clients. Having an experienced interpreter available for meetings, events or conferences where multilingual support is necessary provides a personalised service for your delegates. It also introduces another skilled professional into the environment who is capable of aiding you in managing your event and delegates.

Technical Support

There are likely to be technical variables that may need to be considered in your conference. Our interpreters are experienced in identifying and resolving these areas of risk. For example, the acoustics of your venue and the provision of communication equipment may be required. We also provide headsets where requested and for an insurance fee. These headsets provide clear audio between the interpreter and the delegate and are easily portable.