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Breaking down barriers
and bridging the cultural divide

With you on the Frontline

thebigword is the only technology-driven language solution provider in Europe to have a dedicated Defence Division that provides skilled linguistic support to trusted partners like the UK’s Ministry of Defence, NATO, the US Department of Defense, the Five Eyes alliance and the private contractors and international security agencies who work alongside them.

Highly-trained and security-cleared linguists, trainers, cultural advisors and teachers from thebigword are not only skilled in multiple languages, but are also prepared to perform at the highest level in hostile environments to aid Defence engagement policies and training missions. Working around the clock thebigword Defence Division; formed with ex-military and language specialists, has deployed essential services from a number of locations. thebigword have provided essential services in a number of locations including bases across the UK and Middle East and conflict zones ranging from Afghanistan to Ukraine.

Proven technology solutions to protect and serve trusted by

Interpreting Solutions

We recognise that getting the right support in place, quickly and conveniently is essential for your operations. thebigword Defence Division provides support across over 300 languages around the clock. Our Interpreting technology helps to deploy hundreds of linguists every day for Defence assignments and will connect your personnel with an interpreter over the phone in less than 30 seconds, day or night.

You can always depend on the right calibre of interpreter, recruited locally or CONDO compliant. thebigword Interpreting Management System searches a network of thousands to source and select only those with the right security clearance and experience. The Defence division continuously screen and recruit linguists to maintain a consistent pool of people ready to work in any environment or location required.

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Cultural Advice and Support

Our role is to bridge the language gap between military personnel and the communities in which they operate.
We provide support through our interpreting and translation solutions but we can also go further than just removing the language barrier. Once people are able to communicate there are still the sensitive aspects of cultural norms and etiquette to consider. We have proven experience in working with military personnel to provide essential advice on how to interact with local communities, sharing knowledge on the region, its traditions and rituals and key do’s and don’ts. This eliminates the risk of causing offence or inciting tension within a given community.

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thebigword Awarded NATO Medal and Certificate
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thebigword Recruits for its Defence, Justice and International Security Division
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Teaching and Training

thebigword Defence Division can extend language support through our teaching and training solutions. If your teams require language training before travelling to an overseas mission or new teams coming into the country require specific language accreditations, we can help. Our English Language courses are internationally recognised IELTS course qualifications and we have an established database of specialist teachers who can expertly deliver within areas such as marine, land, aviation, technology and intelligence. Teachers and trainers can be supplied for travel overseas and be CONDO compliant.

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Translation Solutions

In an environment where there can be no ambiguity in translated content and highly confidential information must be protected at all times, only the smartest translation technology solutions will succeed.

thebigword Translation Management System is the most secure solution available, protecting files and content across the entire workflow. The unique Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool, the Highly Secure Translation Editor (HSTE), is the ultimate defence against file theft or leakage at the weakest stage of the traditional translation process. It enables a freelance linguist to translate content from their own computer whilst preventing any detail being moved from the secure editor, or copies saved.

In addition to HSTE for enhanced levels of security, thebigword Translation Management System is your route to faster translation turnaround, better value and the highest translation quality results for reliable information accuracy.

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Language Solutions

To complement the added value, speed and efficiency delivered by thebigword technology there
are complementary services available to provide you with a customisable language solution.
These include:

Managed Services
Arranging all front to back services including travel arrangements, on-site management, visas and invoicing.

Customisable technology solutions and mobile applications
We can partner with you to develop customised technology solutions for specific Defence requirements.

Specialist linguist training and testing programmes
Our language testing procedures are approved by the UK MOD and we can provide additional services
to test and train thousands of linguists to meet precise MOD standards.

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Our Partners

thebigword is proud to deliver targeted language solutions for industry leading brands and organisations across the globe