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Talking your patients’ language


Any medical experience can be daunting for patients especially if you don’t speak the same language as the team treating you. The ability to provide fast, accurate, sensitive and cost-effective language solutions that don’t compromise on care is therefore crucial for the healthcare sector. At thebigword we deliver high-quality translations and dedicated medical interpreters to healthcare professionals across the globe every day.

With a unique language of its own and the need for compassion and confidentiality, thebigword provides the healthcare sector with linguists that are fully trained in medical terminology. Our translation and interpreting services ensure patients can communicate quickly and easily with their medical team.

Cost-effective and compassionate care

In an increasingly global world, every healthcare organisation needs access to quick, expert and efficient language solutions that don’t compromise on care. Speak to thebigword about how we can deliver the solutions you need to communicate with your patients in their language.

92% savings with zero impact on patient experience

“When a patient who speaks another language walks through the door, we know we can get an interpreter who speaks one of 257 different languages on the phone in 30 seconds, thanks to thebigword.”

John Williams - Switchboard Manager
Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust

Harrogate & District NHS

• Instant telephone support for people in vulnerable situations

• Expert support to maintain quality care

• Innovative technology that is driving behavioural change across the organisation

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Instant access to linguists as three million visitors arrive for the Tour de France

“We save lives by saving seconds and thebigword Automated Telephone Interpreting Service is helping us to do that.”

Karen Cooper - Head of Service Delivery, Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust

Yorkshire Air Ambulance

• Delivery and implementation of new interpretation service in three weeks

• Expert training, guidance and support ahead of major event

• Development of new technology to drive efficiency and help save lives

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Our Partners

thebigword is proud to deliver targeted language solutions for industry leading brands and organisations across the globe