The opportunity to manage your face-to-face interpreting requirements independently is uniquely available through WordSynk IMS. This technology, accessed via subscription, provides you with a specialist interpreter booking platform, from which you can manage your own in-house interpreting services.

WordSynk IMS is the only solution you need for comprehensive management and control of your face-to-face interpreting services.

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Main WordSynk IMS features

Online Booking

Customise bookings with: appointment types, attributes, custom reference fields, preferred gender and other specific interpreter requirements. Tailor forms to cc/notify other contacts and/or allow proxy bookings. Create single or multiple bookings that remain grouped.

Security and Permissions

Protect your clients with secure authenticated access that can be audited within the system. Configure feature and data access and define roles that work for different clients/contacts. Allow clients to self-manage their contacts through system admin roles.

Booking Calendar

Quickly view or edit bookings, using search criteria to narrow down and rapidly locate bookings..

Dashboard & Messaging

View upcoming bookings and communicate with clients via the online messaging feature. Generate access codes and one-time passcodes for scheduled telephone interpreting bookings.

Automated Sourcing & Interpreter Match

Minimise delays and interpreter travel costs by sourcing the best-placed linguist with the appropriate skills. Configure your own criteria for the perfect match

Linguist mobile application

Our specially-created mobile app helps linguists to efficiently manage their booking schedules on the go. Providing up-to- date booking details, and location maps, help them to respond quickly and effectively every time.

Automated Timesheets

Generate instant timesheets that are automatically emailed to interpreters, clients and internal operations teams.

Reporting & Feedback

Export booking and finance reports in real time. For added efficiency, use our search feature to filter criteria.

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  1. Tailored services
  2. User-friendly software for maximum efficiency
  3. Transparency and ease of access
  4. Secure and accurate invoicing
  5. Audit trail
  6. Resourcing and budgeting efficiency
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Transform your global communications with our world-class expertise, specialist project managers and advanced language technology.

  1. Interpretation, translation and localisation services to help you trade anytime, anywhere
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