Video interpreting

VRI offers one-touch access to professional video interpreters on your PC, tablet or smartphone. Non-verbal communication (including body language and facial expression) further facilitates empathy and clarity of understanding.


Advantages of VRI:


  1. Covers top 20 languages
  2. British Sign Language option
  3. Audio-only service in 240+ languages
  4. On-demand access to 15,000 expert linguists
  5. Industry-trained interpreters, tested and monitored
  6. High quality video and audio
  7. 24/7 technical support

WordSynk IMS

Finding you the right interpreter in minutes! WordSynk IMS is a fast and convenient solution for all your translation needs.

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Industry Ranking

Number 1 Interpreting Provider
in Europe

thebigword Group is proud to be ranked as the top interpretation company in Europe, and number 4 worldwide.

The 2019 ranking have been complied by Nimdzi, an international language-industry research agency looking into the global interpreting market.

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Why thebigword?

Transform your global communications with our world-class expertise, specialist project managers and advanced language technology.

  1. Interpretation, translation and localisation services to help you trade anytime, anywhere
  2. Agile technology at the touch of a button
  3. Timely solutions available 24/7/365
  4. Strong, long-term client partnerships
  5. Delivering the best services every time