WordSynk is the latest powerful mobile application which enables instant access to interpreters in over 250 supported languages. With a simple single sign up and two click access process, including language identifier screens, you can connect to an interpreter within 30 seconds. WordSynk is a quick and efficient solution available 24/7, servicing all your telephone interpreting needs.

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WordSynk is ideal for:

  1. Emergency situations
  2. Unexpected events
  3. Brief conversations (<30 minutes)
  4. When geographical limitations make it impossible for an interpreter to attend in person

Key features

Our market-leading WordSynk application works behind the scenes to find you an interpreter within seconds, utilising a seamless integration with our interpreting platform to offer an affordable and scalable solution.  The key features of WordSynk include:

  1. Single Set-up
  2. Secure calling service
  1. Simple 2-click calling process
  2. Language identifier
  1. Cost tracking & reporting
  2. Over 250 languages supported
  1. Priority calling service for emergencies
  2. Automated sourcing and interpreter match

WordSynk Interpreter

WordSynk Interpreter is our latest linguist application providing an efficient, clear and seamless way for interpreters to access assignments on the go.

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