Arabic Translation

Arabic is ranked among the world's top six languages, which makes it an obvious choice for businesses when considering localisation needs for reaching a global audience.

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Bengali Translation

Bengali is the official and most widely spoken language of Bangladesh and spoken by over 210 million people worldwide. We’ve translated millions of words to and from Bengali quickly and at scale.

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Bulgarian Translation

Spoken in Bulgaria and parts of Greece, Romania, Moldova, and Ukraine. Discover more about how thebigword can help with all your Bulgarian translation needs.

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Catalan Translation

Named after the medieval Principality of Catalonia, Catalan is not a dialect of Spanish, but a language that developed entirely from Latin. Localisation of content requires in-depth language expertise and the help of a translation specialist like thebigword.

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Chinese Translation

Over 16% of the world's population speak some form of Chinese making it an essential language businesses should localise into. thebigword can help with all your Simplified and Traditional Chinese translation requirements.

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Croatian Translation

Croatian is the official language of Croatia and is spoken in nearby Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, and Italy. There’s no better way to reach this Croatian-speaking population than to ensure your content is properly localised.

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Danish Translation

They say Danish is one of the hardest languages to learn. Here at thebigword we have the language experts to help you with fast, accurate English-Danish translations.

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Dutch Translation

Dutch is spoken by about 28 million people worldwide and shares some similarities with English. Read more about how thebigword can help your business quickly localise for the Dutch market.

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Estonian Translation

The Estonian language is closely related to Finnish which means that localisation of your content requires expert help in order to understand the subtle differences. Our professional team of translators can help with any English-Estonian translation requirements you may have.

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French Translation

French is the official language of more than 25 countries making it one of the most internationally significant languages in the world. Expand your business reach and let thebigword help you with all your Canadian French and European French translation needs.

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Finnish Translation

Spoken throughout Finland as well as by communities in Sweden and Russia means that translating your content into Finnish can yield significant opportunities for your business.

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Flemish Translation

Flemish is spoken by about 55% of the population of Belgium as well as by communities in the Netherlands and Germany. Our linguistic experts can provide professional human translation from English-Flemish and vice-versa.

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German Translation

German is among the most widely spoken language in the Europe and is the official language in Germany, Austria and Liechtenstein. It’s pretty clear that translating your content into German is essential for European market growth.

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Greek Translation

With origins dating back to the 3rd millennium BC the influence of Greek language and culture cannot be underestimated. With native speakers found not only in Greece but also in Italy, Albania, and Turkey localising your content from English-Greek is vital.

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Hebrew Translation

Spoken by over 9 million people worldwide. Unlike English, Hebrew is read and written from right to left. We offer professional human translation to help you understand the subtleties of this ancient language.

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Hungarian Translation

The official language of Hungary is complex and unique, its dialect is nothing like those spoken in its neighbouring nations. Our professional translators can help you overcome any language barriers and effectively reach the Hungarian speaking market.

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Indonesian Translation

Indonesia is the fourth most populous nation in the world making it a key market for businesses looking to expand globally. Discover more about how thebigword can help with your English-Indonesian translation projects.

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Irish English Translation

Gaelic originated in Ireland and has been the predominant language of the Irish people for most of their recorded history. Our Gaelic language experts are able to help with any English-Irish translation requirements you have.

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Italian Translation

As an official language in Italy, Switzerland, Vatican City and San Marino and with Italian speaking communities spread across the globe fast, affordable and reliable, translation is essential for any international business.

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Japanese Translation

As one of the world’s major languages Japanese is spoken by about 128 million people. thebigword can provide scalable human translation for businesses wanting access this ever expanding market.

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Korean Translation

Translating your projects into Korean means that your business has the potential to reach nearly 72 million speakers worldwide. thebigword provides scalable human translation for all your Korean translation needs.

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Latvian Translation

Latvian is one of Europe’s most ancient languages. The intricacies of inflection and case endings make Latvian a difficult language to master meaning that localisation requires the help of professional translation experts.

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Lithuanian Translation

Lithuanian belongs to the Baltic group of languages. Our language experts can help you easily reach the 5 million worldwide speakers with reliable, affordable translations.

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Malay Translation

Malay, also known as Bahasa Melayu, is spoken as a native language by more than 33 million people across the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra and Borneo. Find out more about how thebigword is the answer for all your Malay translation projects.

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Marathi Translation

Marathi is the language spoken primarily by the native people of the Indian state of Maharashtra. Marathi is an important choice for businesses when considering your localisation needs for reaching the global market.

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Norwegian Translation

With around 5 million speakers around the world Norwegian is like Swedish, Danish and Icelandic: a Germanic language derived from Old Norse. Our professional language experts can help your business quickly localise for this vital Scandinavian market.

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Persian Translation

Persian, also known as Farsi, is the official language of Iran. thebigword has a team of expert translators who can provide quality translations for all your Persian language needs.

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Polish Translation

With 40 million speakers in Poland and significant Polish communities in Lithuania, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Germany , Romania, the UK and USA having a fast, reliable translation company like thebigword is essential to any business.

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Pashto Translation

Pashto also known as Pakhto, Pashtu, and Pushto is mainly spoken in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tajikistan. Our team of professional translators can help whatever your Pashto translation needs.

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Portuguese Translation

Portuguese is the official language of nine different countries including Portugal, Brazil and Mozambique making it one of the most important spoken around the world today and essential when considering localising your content for a worldwide audience.

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Punjabi Translation

Punjabi is the native language of about 130 million people, and is the 10th most spoken language in the world. If you want to capitalise on this huge market, proper localisation is essential.

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Serbian Translation

Serbian is a South Slavic language spoken mainly in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia, and Macedonia. Find out how you can easily reach the 10 million people worldwide with our expert English-Serbian translations.

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Slovak Translation

Closely related to Czech, Polish and Russian, our professional translation experts have the knowledge and understanding of the language to help you with any Slovak translation requirements you may have.

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Slovenian Translation

Slovenian was the first written Slavic language and is considered to be one of the oldest languages in Europe. Expertise is essential if you want to localise content in this highly specialist language.

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Spanish Translation

With Over 559 million Spanish speakers worldwide it’s importance and can’t be over estimated. thebigword have the knowledge and expertise to provide scalable translation solutions so you can easily access this influential market.

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Swahili Translation

Swahili has official language status in Tanzania and Kenya and is spoken by about 140 million people in east Africa. thebigword can help you efficiently localise whatever your Swahili language needs

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Swedish Translation

Swedish (svenska) is a North Germanic language spoken by more than nine and a half million people which means that translating your content into Swedish can yield significant opportunities for your business.

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Tamil Translation

The Tamil language is predominantly spoken by the Tamil people of India and Sri Lanka. thebigword’s professional translators can deliver English to Tamil translations as well as Tamil to English quickly and cost effectively.

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Tagalog Translation

So as to ensure your business succeeds in the Philippines it’s vital that your content is translated in Tagalog as it is the first language spoken by over a quarter of the population - an estimated 22.5 million people.

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Thai Translation

Sometimes referred to as Siamese, Thai is spoken by approximately 50 million people worldwide. Fast, affordable and reliable, thebigword has translated millions of words into and from Thai.

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Turkish Translation

Turkish is an official language of Turkey and Cyprus, and there are also large Turkish speaking communities in Germany, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Greece. thebigword’s professional translation services can help you communicate quickly and effectively with this widespread population.

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Ukrainian Translation

Spoken in Ukraine and in Ukrainian communities in Kazakhstan, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, and Slovakia makes localising content essential for any globally ambitious business.

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Urdu Translation

Urdu is spoken by more than 100 million people, predominantly in Pakistan and India making it an obvious choice as a language businesses should localise into.

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Vietnamese Translation

Vietnamese is one of a few languages in Asia that uses the Latin alphabet instead of symbols. Our in-house experts understand the subtleties and nuances of this language and can help you translate your content for this vital South East Asian market.

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Translation options and pricing

Support for all major language pairs, quality to match your needs and simple per-word pricing (with no hidden costs).

Machine Translation

Best option to get the gist quickly of the content

Secure and smart automated technology that can translate any document. Use this translation option to get a quick understanding of what the text is about.

Crowd Sourced Translation

Best option for everyday content

For a more personal audience with a casual voice. Useful for - Internal communications, product descriptions and Social media posts.

Enterprise Translation

Best option for highly specialised content

Our dedicated, expertly-trained translators guarantee the highest level of terminological and stylistic accuracy.

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