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Arguably the most important global business language, Chinese presents huge communication challenges. Effective messages must be intelligible, authentic and sincere.

Our on-demand Chinese translation services serve companies large and small – with quick turnaround and pinpoint accuracy on a huge variety of Chinese-English and English-Chinese texts…always at highly competitive prices.

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With 30+ years’ translation and localisation experience – and thousands of talented, certified linguists – our expert teams will swiftly and accurately translate your Chinese texts to English (and vice versa)

About Chinese

  • The first language of 1.2 billion people, Chinese is spoken by more people than English, French, German and Spanish combined.
  • Belonging to the Sino-Tibetan language family, it’s the world’s most ancient language and dates back more than 3,000 years.
  • The main varieties of Chinese are: Mandarin (official language of China, Taiwan & Singapore); Min (mainly spoken in the Fujian province, Hainan & Taiwan) and Wu (spoken in Shanghai). Other varieties include: Jin, Yue (including Cantonese), Gan, Hakka, Xiang, Huizhou and Pinghua.
  • The Chinese writing system is notoriously difficult for English speakers to navigate, with a jaw-dropping 20,000 standalone characters in Traditional Chinese (primarily used in Taiwan and Hong Kong). Thankfully, a Simplified Chinese system, use in Mainland China, Malaysia and Singapore, relies on only about 2,500 of these to understand most written texts.

Chinese translation facts

  • With their origins in widely divergent language groups, English and Chinese are distinctly dissimilar.
  • Estimates put the number of mutually unintelligible varieties of Chinese in the hundreds! In parts of South China, a major city’s dialect may be only partially understandable to close neighbours. With so many dialects and regional variations, only highly-skilled linguists can ensure your text/content achieves its intended impact.
  • The challenges for English-Chinese translators are said to go far beyond grammar, syntax and punctuation. Professional linguistics must bridge the wide cultural gap between Chinese thinking and English thinking.
  • As a tonal language, the wrong emphasis in spoken Chinese can radically alter meaning and lead to embarrassing faux pas and misunderstandings.
  • The lexical chasm is another hurdle. Many Chinese cultural words and expressions simply have no English equivalents.
  • With no verb tenses, no distinction between singular and plural, and no alphabet, the Chinese language has little in common with English. Common word omissions in English (e.g. nouns later replaced by pronouns such as he/she/it) are not made in Chinese. It’s natural and habitual in Chinese to repeat the original word(s) every time.
  • Advertising/marketing language and figures of speech present particular problems. It’s just not possible to replicate English phonetic devices, such as the alliterative use of repeated consonants, in Chinese.
  • Human linguists are strongly recommended over Machine Translation (MT) – due to the wealth of cognitive and creative challenges that Chinese translation presents.

Chinese translation and interpretation services

Trusted by businesses thebigword is first choice for companies requiring fast, effective Chinese translation. We have skilled, experienced native speakers available 24/7 for all your Chinese-English and English-Chinese business translation needs.

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Successfully handling up to 50,000 global assignments every day, thebigword has invested heavily in innovative language technology and expert operational teams to ensure high quality outcomes, on time, every time.

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With access to 15,000+ talented linguists worldwide, you can expect the perfect, native speaker to meet your specific business requirements. Our translators work around the clock to ensure all your deadlines are met.

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