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Although most Danes are highly-proficient English speakers, professional translators are often required in more traditional pockets of the country (beyond Copenhagen).

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About Danish

  • Danish, a North Germanic language derived from Old Norse, is spoken by up to six million people, predominantly in Denmark and the Southern Schleswig region of Germany.
  • Smaller Danish-speaking communities can be found in Norway, Sweden, Spain, the United States, Canada, Brazil and Argentina. Due to immigration, about a fifth of Greenland’s population speaks Danish as a first language, and it is one of two official languages of the Faroe Islands.
  • Of all the Scandinavian languages, Danish is said to be the most challenging to learn/understand, due to its speaking patterns. The style is quick, soft and with little intonation.
  • A challenging phonological feature for non-speakers is the small hiccup sound or creak of the voice (stǿd or glottal stop).
  • Danish uses the 26-letter Latin alphabet, plus three letters.
  • Like German, it makes great use of compounding (beginnings/endings bolted onto root words), making the lexical possibilities infinite. The longest Danish word used in an official capacity contained more than 50 letters.

Danish translation facts

  • Standard Danish (rigsdansk) is based on dialects spoken in and around Copenhagen. Denmark enjoys a very homogeneous national speech norm, due to about a quarter of the population living in/around the capital.
  • Traditional Danish dialects have all but disappeared, although local variants of the standard language can still be found (distinguished by their pronunciation and local vocabulary). The most significant language gap is between the older and younger generations, with the latter being particularly innovative.
  • The language’s sound system is unusual, particularly in its large vowel inventory and flat prosody (a lack of word emphasis/intonation). This makes it relatively more difficult for translators to segment the speech flow into constituent elements.
  • Some Danish words are so culturally-specific that they simply don’t exist in English. For example, overskud (meaning profit/surplus) can also be used to convey a lack of energy for a task, e.g. I simply don’t have the overskud (surplus energy) for that today.
  • Nouns in Danish take one of two genders, common or neuter (as opposed to masculine/feminine).
  • Danish counts the number 21 from the cardinals, resulting in one-and-twenty (enogtyve) and so on. Unusually, higher numbers are based on the number 20. So, for instance, the number 60 is tres (3 x 20).

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