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The Finnish language – like Hungarian – has its origins in the Ural Mountains region of Russia. Distinctly different from Swedish and the other Nordic tongues, it’s considered one of the most challenging languages for non-natives to learn.

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About Finnish

  • Spoken by more than 5 million natives (or about 90% of the population), Finnish is one of two official languages of Finland (the other being Swedish).
  • Outside of Finland, significant minority groups of Finnish speakers can be found in Sweden, Norway, Russia, Estonia, Brazil, Canada and the US.
  • Finnish belongs to the relatively small Finnic language family, which includes Estonian and a handful of Baltic Sea area minority languages.
  • The Finnish lexicon is far smaller than the English one, but words are suffixed to a much greater extent.
  • The language is said to comprise only about 300 purely Finnish root words, with many more borrowed from the Baltic and Germanic languages, as well as Swedish and English. Russian loan words tend to be old or very old. The vast majority of modern loan words come from Swedish (administrative and modern cultural terms) and English (music, film, TV and international business terms).
  • The prominence of English as a global business language has led many Finnish companies, notably Nokia, to adopt it as an official operating language.
  • Written Finnish tends to be formal and uses the Swedish variation of the Latin alphabet, with two additional letters from Russian.
  • The Finnish language is said to be easily recognisable on paper, due to the sparing use/absence of the letters b, c, f, q, w, x and z.

Finnish translation facts

  • Modern Finnish can be yleiskieli (formal standard language) or puhekieli (colloquial). The former tends to be used in texts and writing, while the latter is the everyday spoken language of popular culture (e.g. music and TV sitcoms).
  • Translating between Finnish and English requires an expert eye. The two languages employ widely different grammatical rules, phonology (speech sounds) and phonotactics (the rules governing sound sequences).
  • There are seven Finnish dialects, under the broader headings of Eastern/Western. Each has many sub-dialects and slang terms. The Far-Northern dialects are considered to be the thickest and most difficult to understand.
  • Spoken Finnish uses a large inventory of sounds, with many vocalic segments, plus long and short consonant variations.
  • Due to the structure of the written language (with multiple elements bolted onto root woods), there are many extremely long Finnish words. The lengthiest has an impressive 61 letters.
  • In English, there are three grammatical cases – the subjective (he), objective (him) and possessive (his). Finnish has a mind-boggling 15 cases.
  • Each Finnish verb can have one of 200 potential endings! There are six groups of verbs, all of which can be conjugated according to person, number, tense and mood.
  • Word order within sentences can be altered for emphasis and to convey subtle differences in meaning.
  • Finnish speakers are noted for their ability to convey extremely long sentences, without pausing for breath.

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