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Undoubtedly one of the most influential languages on the planet, French is spoken on every continent and is a powerful player in the fields of diplomacy, law, academia, journalism and humanitarianism.

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About French

  • Spoken by 275 million people worldwide, French is a member of the Indo-European language family and one of the five major Romance languages, which evolved from Vulgar Latin (the colloquial speak of classical times).
  • The mother tongue of 56 million French natives, it’s also an official language of 29 countries including: Belgium, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Canada, Haiti, Ivory Coast, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Monaco, Seychelles and Switzerland.
  • The US states of Louisiana and Maine list French as the second most spoken language after English.
  • Among its many accolades, French is a working language of the United Nations, the European Union and dozens of global organisations, such as the International Red Cross.
  • Due to population growth in French-speaking parts of Africa, Forbes magazine (in a 2014 article) predicted it could be ‘the language of the future’.
  • The French lexicon contains more than a million words, with about 20,000 new entries every year.
  • It is the second most popular foreign language to learn (after English).
  • In written French, accented letters began to appear in the 1500s, with the arrival of the first printing presses. Word counts were reduced by eliminating superfluous consonants and using accents instead, e.g. eschelle (meaning ladder) became échelle.
  • Due to the Norman Conquest in 1066, more than a third of modern English words are of French origin.

French translation facts

  • The French language has more than 20 official dialects, including Canadian, Haitian and Vietnamese French, plus countless regional quirks and variations.
  • Levels of formality are very important. The language has six registers of formality – with literary/refined French at the top and French slang (considered vulgar, offensive and insulting) at the bottom. Trickiest to navigate are, of course, the middle registers. Is your communication too formal? Or too familiar? Our certified professional translators can help you strike just the right tone.
  • High letter-to-sound ratios make French a much wordier language than English. The snappy Buy now!, for instance, requires the six-syllable Acheter maintenant! in French.
  • Predicting the spellings of French words, based on sounds, is challenging. Final consonants are usually silent, except when the following word starts with a vowel, and plural nouns are generally pronounced the same as singular ones.
  • And certain to induce a mal de tête (or headache), are gendered nouns, verb conjugation, accented vowels and pronunciation of nasal sounds.
  • The French language also employs a great number of homophones (soundalike words with different spellings/meanings). A highly-skilled translator can, of course, navigate this particular minefield with ease.

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