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As the largest European economy, high quality German language translation is vital for businesses.

Companies around the globe rely on our on-demand German translation services for pinpoint accuracy – and quick turnaround – on a huge variety of German-English and English-German texts…always at highly competitive prices.

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With 30+ years’ translation and localisation experience – and thousands of certified linguists – our expert teams will swiftly and accurately translate your German texts to English (and vice versa).

About German

  • With a long and fascinating history, German is a West Germanic language that dates back to Roman Times.
  • Its lexicon comprises elements of Latin, Greek and – to a lesser extent – French and English.
  • German is spoken by 100 million natives and throughout much of Central Europe (in particular: Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg). It’s also the predominant tongue of South Tyrol in Italy.
  • With an estimated 83 million online German speakers, it is one of the top ten global business languages.
  • An incredible 200+ million people worldwide can speak German, with a further 80 million having at least some knowledge of the language.
  • A tenth of all books (including e-books) are published in German.
  • About half of all businesses describe French and German as the most useful languages.
  • The German alphabet is the same as English, with the additions of ӓ, ë, ö and β.

German translation facts

  • German is notable for its large spectrum of dialects, with many unique varieties throughout Europe and globally. Some of these are barely intelligible to someone with only a school/textbook education.
  • Colloquial German differs greatly from the formal written language, particularly in syntax and grammar.
  • Translating into German requires a working knowledge of gendered nouns, which can be masculine, feminine or neuter.
  • Written German uses flexible word order, to allow emphasis on specific words in a sentence. The ‘floating’ subject can be a challenge to non-experts. Only a native or fluent speaker can ensure your documents/content retain their authority after translation.
  • The unique German Ezsett (the β symbol) denotes a double ‘s’ sound and the umlaut is used to phonetically alter vowel sounds.
  • The meanings of some basic verbs can be significantly changed through the use of prefixes, some of which have only the vaguest meanings in themselves.

German translation and interpretation services

For professional, high-speed German translation, companies look no further than thebigword. Our skilled and experienced native speakers are available 24/7 for all your German-English and English-German business needs.

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Successfully handling up to 50,000 global assignments every day, thebigword has invested heavily in innovative language technology and expert operational teams to ensure high quality outcomes, on time, every time.

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With access to 15,000+ talented linguists worldwide, you can expect the perfect, native speaker to meet your specific business requirements. Our translators work around the clock to ensure all your deadlines are met.

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Through our vast experience as an German Language Services Provider we’ve gained unrivalled knowledge of translating and localising public-facing content, including websites, software and training materials. You can always trust us to ensure your messages hit the target.

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