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The world’s oldest recorded language – Greek – is rich, highly expressive and full of quirky sentiments and sayings.

Being informed, for instance, that you’ve eaten a donkey (minus its tail) indicates your business meeting is probably drawing to a close, with only a few minor details to finalise.

With 30+ years’ translation and localisation experience, thebigword will ensure your Greek communications always strike just the right tone.

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About Greek

  • Perhaps the most self-assured of all the world’s languages, Greek has undergone fewer changes in 2,700 years than English has in a third of that time.
  • In a branch category all of its own, Greek is an Indo-European language spoken by some 13.2 million people, predominantly in Greece, Cyprus and the Greek communities of Albania, Bulgaria, Turkey and across the globe.
  • With most of its vocabulary inherited from Ancient Greek, almost everyone in Greece speaks the native language with pride.
  • The 24-letter Greek alphabet has been around since the 9th century BC and informed most of the modern alphabets (including the Latin and Cyrillic ones) used today.
  • Other Greek contributions to the English language include numerous scientific, mathematical and technical terms and, in particular, words beginning with or featuring ‘ph’ (examples: photograph, alphabet, philosophy and phobia).
  • The longest word ever to appear in literature – at an incredible 171 letters – was Greek and referred to a fictional dish of fish, flesh, fowl and sauces.
  • Greek was originally written like Arabic – from right to left on the page. Following a period when alternate lines were written R-L, then L-R, it’s now always written left to right.

Greek translation facts

  • Despite its iconic historical status, Modern Greek has (like all global languages) acquired many colloquialisms and local variations, particularly among younger people.
  • About a dozen regional dialects are officially recognised, including the Northern Dialects (e.g. Rumelian, Epirote and Thessalian) and Southern Dialects (e.g. Megara, Attica and Cyclades).
  • English speakers will be familiar with the Greek letter sounds, but may be challenged by the three noun genders (masculine, feminine and neuter) and the four grammatical cases (English has only three).
  • Greek punctuation requires special attention when translating to/from English. The Greek question mark, for example, is the symbol used as the English semi-colon (;).
  • In common with other ancient languages of the world, Greek has a deep spiritual and philosophical basis. The challenge for translators is less about transcribing the physical words on the page/screen and more about choosing appropriate ways to convey entire sentiments or ideas.

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