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Boasting one of Central Europe’s most prosperous economies, Hungary has a particularly traditional and complex language, which can present unique challenges to global businesses.

For that reason, companies large and small rely on our Hungarian translation services for quick turnaround on a huge variety of Hungarian-English and English-Hungarian texts – always at highly competitive prices.

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Thanks to 30+ years’ translation and localisation experience, and thousands of certified linguists, our expert teams will swiftly and sympathetically translate your Hungarian texts to English (and vice versa).

About Hungarian

  • Spoken by an estimated 13 million people, Hungarian (Magyar) is a unique, grammatically-complex language, often cited as one of the most difficult to learn.
  • Unlike the languages of its Central European neighbours, Hungarian belongs to the Finno-Ugric group, meaning it has more in common with the Uralic languages (e.g. Finnish and Estonian).
  • Hungarian enjoys official status in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Austria and Slovenia.
  • With the earliest written records dating back to the 10th century, Hungarian is an ancient language – still using an estimated 70% of its original lexicon. Compare this to a mere 4% of words retained from old English.
  • Hungarian was originally written in runes, running from right to left on the page. However, the advert of the Kingdom of Hungary in the year 1000 saw the old system gradually discarded in favour of an extended Latin alphabet and L to R order.

Hungarian translation facts

  • With eight different dialects, a complex grammatical system and a four-tiered system of politeness (or formality), Hungarian translation requires a high degree of expertise and experience.
  • Take, for example, its 26 grammatical cases, compared to the three used in English (subjective/he; objective/him; possessive/his).
  • Hungarian is a topic-prominent language, meaning that word order is entirely dependent on context. A misplaced word can change the entire meaning of a sentence.
  • While written English is often full of hints and implications, Hungarians favour a more clear and explicit approach.
  • Levels of formality tend to be strictly adhered to, so inadvertent use of informal language may cause offence.
  • Localizing content into Hungarian is no simple task. Translators usually need to deconstruct entire English sentences, starting at the end and working back.

Hungarian translation and interpretation services

For professional, high-speed Hungarian translation, companies look no further than thebigword. Our skilled and experienced native speakers are available 24/7 for all your Hungarian-English and English-Hungarian business translation needs.

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Successfully handling up to 50,000 global assignments every day, thebigword has invested heavily in innovative language technology and expert operational teams to ensure high quality outcomes, on time, every time.

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With access to 15,000+ talented linguists worldwide, you can expect the perfect, native speaker to meet your specific business requirements. Our translators work around the clock to ensure all your deadlines are met.

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Through our vast experience as an Hungarian Language Services Provider we’ve gained unrivalled knowledge of translating and localising public-facing content, including websites, software and training materials. You can always trust us to ensure your messages hit the target.

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