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With 8,000+ inhabited islands, Indonesia is the fourth most populous area of the world.

The national tongue – Indonesian – is the language of formal education, mass media, governance and judiciary, yet most natives speak at least one of the 700 indigenous languages, such as Javanese, Sundanese or Balinese.

For businesses requiring Indonesian translation services, we offer quick turnaround on a huge variety of Indonesian-English and English-Indonesian texts – always at highly competitive prices. 

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Thanks to 30+ years’ translation and localisation experience, and thousands of certified linguists, our expert teams will swiftly and sympathetically translate your Indonesian texts to English (and vice versa).

About Indonesian

  • Indonesian (known by natives as Bahasa Indonesia) is a standardised variety of Malay and belongs to the Austronesian group of languages.
  • As a national language, it was a unifying force when Indonesian independence was achieved in the aftermath of World War II.
  • Standard Indonesian is the predominant language of TV, radio, newspapers and books, although only about a fifth of the population speaks it regularly in the home.
  • The Indonesian lexicon comes predominantly from the Austronesian root word stock (including Old Malay), with loan words from Dutch, Arabic, English, Sanskrit & Hindi, Javanese, Chinese and Portuguese. One scholar argues that about a fifth of all Indonesian words have Dutch origins, due to more than three centuries of colonization.
  • Indonesian is considered reasonably easy for English speakers to learn, due to its simple grammar and use of the Latin alphabet. Words are generally spelled as pronounced.
  • The letters Q, V & X are rarely encountered, except in loan words from other languages.

Indonesian translation facts

  • The gap between spoken Indonesian (in terms of grammar and vocabulary) and the standard language is significant. Most Indonesians combine it with aspects of their own local languages (e.g. Javanese, Sundanese, Balinese or Chinese). This phenomenon is amplified by the use of slang, especially in the cities.
  • Indonesian tends to be used more loosely than English to express ideas, with much building around a topic before a point is made.
  • There is a strong cultural flavor to the Indonesian language, with traditional proverbs and idioms requiring an expert eye.
  • Although the grammatical system is reasonably straightforward, sentence structure is frequently modified for focus/emphasis.

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