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Synonymous with the worlds of classical music, art, fashion and food, Italian is also an important business language – spoken by 80 million people in Europe alone.

Global companies, large and small, rely on our on-demand Italian translation services for quick turnaround on a huge variety of Italian-English and English-Italian texts – always at highly competitive prices.

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Thanks to 30+ years’ translation and localisation experience, plus thousands of certified global linguists, our expert teams will swiftly and sympathetically translate your Italian texts to English (and vice versa).

About Italian

  • Italian belongs to the Indo-European language family and is one of the major Romance languages, considered to most closely resemble Vulgar Latin (the colloquial speak of classical times).
  • Spoken by 90 million people worldwide, it is an official language of Italy, Switzerland, Vatican City, San Marino and western Istria (Slovenia and Croatia).
  • Significant numbers of speakers can also be found in Albania, parts of northern and eastern Africa, South America, the United States, Canada and Australia.
  • Lexically, Italian has some very close relatives – sharing 89% of its vocabulary with French; 82% with Spanish & Portuguese and 77% with Romanian.
  • The Italian alphabet contains only 21 letters. Unlike English, it doesn’t use j, k, w, x or y, which are only found in foreign loan words.
  • Italian words can take on various shades of meaning, through the addition of suffixes (or endings). The longest Italian word (at 29 letters) describes reconstructive surgery of the stomach. A more commonly-used example (at 26 letters) is the expression for ‘very fast’, precipitevolissimevolmente.

Italian translation facts

  • Although Standard Italian is the official and most prevalent national language, the number of spoken languages (and related dialects) numbers more than 30. It is argued these shouldn’t be referred to as ‘regional dialects’ as they are not necessarily evolved from Standard Italian. There is also a notable lack of uniformity within regions.
  • In terms of translation to/from English, Standard Italian has more commonalities with the other Romance languages (French, Spanish and Portuguese) than with English and the other Germanic languages (e.g. Dutch and German).
  • English is full of compact sentences and expressions, whereas Italian tends to be more flowery and expressive. This can present text expansion challenges when translating and localizing online content.
  • Unlike English, Italian is a gendered language – meaning nouns must agree in both gender (masculine/feminine) and number (singular/plural).

Italian translation and interpretation services

For professional, high-speed Italian translation, companies look no further than thebigword. Our skilled and experienced native speakers are available 24/7 for all your Italian-English and English-Italian business translation needs.

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Through our vast experience as an Italian Language Services Provider we’ve gained unrivalled knowledge of translating and localising public-facing content, including websites, software and training materials. You can always trust us to ensure your messages hit the target.

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