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About Malay

  • Malay (also known as Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Melayu) is an Austronesian language of the Malayo-Polynesian family.
  • There are some 80 million native speakers, but the worldwide figures are somewhat disputed. While Malaysians consider Indonesian (or Bahasa Indonesia) to be a branch of Malay, most Indonesians believe it to be a distinct language in its own right. Estimates for Malay (either including or excluding Indonesian) are therefore vastly different.
  • As well as being the national language of Malaysia, Malay has official status in Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore. Significant speaking populations can also be found in Myanmar, Thailand, East Timor, Vietnam, the Philippines and the United States.
  • Ancient Malay (or Proto-Malay) is believed to have existed in prehistoric times and been spoken by the early Austronesian settlers to the region.
  • Lexically, the Malay language features many loan words from Sanskrit, Persian, Tamil, Greek, Latin, Portuguese, Dutch, Arabic and certain Chinese dialects.
  • Modern Malay loan words come primarily from English (trade and technology). Within Malaysia, a form of colloquial English is spoken (known as Manglish).
  • Malaysians normally write in a Latin alphabet (Rumi). An alternative, modified Arabic alphabet (Jawi) doesn’t have official status but is usually accepted on students’ examination papers. Both alphabets have official status in Brunei.

Malay translation facts

  • Malay is an extremely diversified language, with innumerable dialects and creoles.
  • Translation between English and Malay can be a delicate process. As well as important cultural considerations, Malay has a number of grammatical rules with no English counterparts, making word-for-word transcription challenging.
  • There is also little crossover in the vocabularies of the two languages. The loan words taken from English tend to undergo spelling changes to match the Malay orthography.
  • Plurals in Malay are denoted by repeating the word, so ‘batu-batu’ doesn’t translate as ‘stone-stone’ – it means ‘stones’.
  • In English, verbs don’t change nearly as often (or in as many different ways) as they do in Malay.
  • Malay has multiple ways of expressing the second-person pronoun (you). Considerations include: the dialect, number, gender and the appropriate level of formality.

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