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Sitting alongside Russian in the Slavic language family, Polish can be a challenging medium for business communication.

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About Polish

  • Polish is a West Slavic language from the larger Slavic family of languages, which includes Russian, Ukrainian and Czech.
  • Spoken by an estimated 38 million natives, there are also significant Polish-speaking communities in Belarus, Lithuania, Hungary and Ukraine.
  • Due to historical emigration, vast numbers of speakers can also be found in Israel, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, the United States, the UK and Ireland. In the UK, Polish is now the third most spoken language after English and Welsh.
  • The Polish language is most closely related to Czech, Slovak and Sorbian (not to be confused with Serbian, Sorbs are a West Slavic minority in the Lusatia region of East Germany).
  • Historically, Polish was an important language – both diplomatically and academically – in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • The Polish lexicon has drawn considerably from Latin, Czech, Italian, French, German, Hungarian and Turkish. Currently, English words are the most common imports.
  • The Polish alphabet boasts 32 letters, about a quarter of which have marks/accents (diacritics). Only about a third of these letters are pronounced similarly in English.

Polish translation facts

  • Polish consists of four major dialect groups – Greater Polish (west); Lesser Polish (south and south-east); Masovian (central and east) and Silesian (spoken in the south-west and also considered to be a separate language). A further three dialect groups correspond with two border areas and some isolated pockets in Ukraine. Within these seven broader categories are numerous sub-dialects and local variations.
  • Polish grammar is considered far more complex than English. Nouns are gendered and with seven cases, there are 14 possible adaptations for each one (taking into account singular/plural). Sentence order is generally SVO (subject, verb, object) but the Poles have a fairly relaxed attitude to switching around the order for emphasis.
  • It is jokingly said that the Poles have made word-formation a national sport. They can take a simple verb, such as lecieć (to fly), and make words such as nalecieć (drift), ulecieć (fly away) and przelecieć (fly by).
  • In spoken Polish, tightly-packed consonants make for some interesting tongue-twisters. Certain words, pronounced by foreigners, are said to provide great amusement to natives.

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