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Serbian is the only European language whose speakers are fully digraphic. Confusingly for non-speakers, it can be written in two different alphabets/scripts. The Cyrillic script is favoured by officialdom, while younger people tend to opt for the cellphone-friendly Latin alphabet.

Our professional, on-demand Serbian translation services will help you navigate this and many other quirks and nuances of the Serbian language. Popular with businesses, large and small, you can expect accuracy and quick turnaround on a huge variety of Serbian-English and English-Serbian texts – always at highly competitive prices.

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About Serbian

  • Serbian is an Indo-European language of the South Slavic sub-group. Along with Croatian and Bosnian, it became a distinct language following the break-up of the former Yugoslavia.
  • For political reasons around the similarities/differences of each language (Serbians proudly defend their unique variety of the former Serbo-Croatian language), there are widely varying figures on the numbers of distinctly Serbian speakers worldwide. The consensus seems to be about 8 million speakers in the Balkans and a further 1.5 million elsewhere.
  • tandard Serbian, based on the Shtokavian pronunciation, is the official language of Serbia. It is used by the government, at all levels of education, in the media, and in all aspects of social, cultural, and private life.
  • Serbian is also spoken widely in the territory of Kosovo, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro, Croatia and Macedonia. Smaller communities can be found in Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and throughout the world.
  • A previous study identified 7,000 Turkish words in the modern Serbian lexicon – many of which had Persian or Arabic origins. Serbian also employs significant numbers of German, Italian, Hungarian, Latin, Russian and Greek words.
  • The rare dual-alphabet system means Serbian newspapers are found in both the Cyrillic and Latin scripts. Outdoor signage, including road signs and commercial displays, predominately uses the Latin alphabet. Larger signs, especially official government ones, will often feature both alphabets.

Serbian translation facts

  • Much like the British, American and Australian forms of English, Serbians speak the same basic language as Croatians, Bosnians and Montenegrins, with variations in spelling, pronunciation and regional vocabulary.
  • For English speakers, grammar is the most challenging aspect of the Serbian language. Using masculine, feminine or neuter nouns, each noun is also inflected to represent one of seven grammatical cases (nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, locative, vocative or instrumental). Nouns are further inflected to represent number, singular or plural.
  • Certain sounds in the Serbian language have no English equivalents.
  • There are six Serbian dialects and many more local variations: Šumadija–Vojvodina (central and northern Serbia); Eastern Herzegovinian (southwestern Serbia, western half of Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia); Kosovo–Resava (eastern central Serbia and central Kosovo); Smederevo–Vršac (east-central Serbia); Prizren–Timok (southeastern Serbia and southern Kosovo) and Zeta–Raška (eastern half of Montenegro and southwestern Serbia).

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