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Celebrating 100+ years of independence, Slovakia has a small but healthy economy – with strong growth predicted for the next few years.

When doing business with Slovakia, global companies – large and small – rely on our on-demand Slovak translation services for accuracy and quick turnaround on a huge variety of texts (always at highly competitive prices).

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TThanks to 30+ years’ translation and localisation experience, and thousands of certified translators, our expert teams will swiftly yet sympathetically translate your Slovak texts to English (and vice versa).

About Slovak

  • Slovak belongs to the West Slavic family of languages, together with Czech, Polish and Sorbian (Sorbs = minority community in Lusatia, East Germany).
  • More than 5 million natives speak the national language, with a further 2 million speakers living across Europe and beyond. Sizable emigrant communities can be found in Argentina, Australia, Canada and Israel.
  • Although Slovak literature dates back to the 16th century, it has only been the official national language of Slovakia since 1993. Prior to that, both Czech and Slovak were dialects of Czechoslovak (the single official language in the former Czechoslovakia).
  • Traditionally, the Slovak lexicon borrowed from Latin, German, Czech, Hungarian and Greek. In more modern times, English has had a greater influence.
  • Slovak is written in a modified Latin script, comprising the 26 letters used in English, plus 17 letters with diacritic marks (or accents) and three digraphs (double consonants with one letter sound).

Slovak translation facts

  • Slovak dialects are categorised into four major bands (Eastern, Central, Western and Lowland), with many sub-dialects and regional variations within them. Not all of these are mutually intelligible.
  • When spoken, Slovak is more phonetic than English (each letter of the alphabet has a unique sound and is pronounced as written).
  • Slovak grammar is more challenging though, with seven cases for modifying nouns and adjectives (English uses only three). Additionally, Slovak nouns are assigned one of four grammatical genders (animate masculine, inanimate masculine, feminine or neuter).
  • Many words in Slovak are formed entirely (or mostly) from consonants. These creations are made possible by the existence of semivowels (letters which perform similarly to vowels, e.g. Yves in French).

Slovak translation and interpretation services

Trusted by businesses thebigword is first choice for companies requiring fast, professional Slovak translations. Our skilled and experienced native speakers are available 24/7 for all your Slovak-English and English-Slovak business translation needs.

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