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There are coffee breaks and then there are Swedish ‘fikas’ – a rich part of the culture in which workers down tools to consume pastries and engage in deep conversation at nearby cafés.

At thebigword, we bring in-depth knowledge of Swedish customs, people & dialects to our on-demand Swedish translation services. Popular with businesses, large and small, you can expect accuracy and quick turnaround on a huge variety of Swedish-English and English-Swedish texts – always at highly competitive prices.

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With thousands of certified global translators, and 30+ years’ localisation experience, our expert teams will swiftly and accurately translate your Swedish texts to English (and vice versa).

About Swedish

  • Swedish is a North Germanic language, derived from Old Norse. It was differentiated from Danish in the Middle Ages, following the Swedish War of Liberation (also known as Gustav Vasa’s Rebellion).
  • Of the 9 million Swedish speakers worldwide, the vast majority live in Sweden and coastal areas of Finland.
  • Like English, Swedish uses the 26-letter Latin alphabet, with the additions of Å, Ä and Ö. More words begin with ‘S’ than any other letter. The letters Q and X are rare.
  • A very precise language, Swedish has a comparatively small lexicon, with far fewer loan words and neologisms than English.
  • Also unlike English, it is a tone language, which means words can be distinguished by variations in pitch.
  • With no distinct Swedish word for ‘please’, a respectful tone of voice and the use of tack (thank you) can convey good manners.
  • The longest word in Swedish is realisationsvinstbeskattning (capital gains tax).

Swedish translation facts

  • English idioms require particularly sensitive handling. The down-to-earth Swedes favour accuracy over ambiguity – so a straightforward ‘Don’t hesitate’ is infinitely preferable to any amount of beating around bushes. This is where our professional translators can help you strike just the right tone.
  • Likewise, the American-English tendency towards hyperbolic business language (e.g. state-of-the-art, exceptional, unique) may cause raised eyebrows in Sweden and actually reduce (rather than boost) a company’s credibility.
  • The Swedish language features many quirky and interesting words, often with no English equivalents. Examples include: badkruka (someone who refuses to jump into a body of water) and festsnusa (a casual user of moist snuff).
  • Swedish is particularly rich in traditional colloquialisms, leaving room for countless interpretations and misunderstandings when translating globally.

Swedish translation and interpretation services

Trusted by businesses thebigword is first choice for companies requiring fast, professional Swedish translations. Our skilled and experienced native speakers are available 24/7 for all your Swedish-English and English-Swedish business translation needs.

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Successfully handling up to 50,000 global assignments every day, thebigword has invested heavily in innovative language technology and expert operational teams to ensure high quality outcomes, on time, every time.

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With access to 15,000+ talented linguists worldwide, you can expect the perfect, native speaker to meet your specific business requirements. Our translators work around the clock to ensure all your deadlines are met.

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Through our vast experience as an Swedish Language Services Provider we’ve gained unrivalled knowledge of translating and localising public-facing content, including websites, software and training materials. You can always trust us to ensure your messages hit the target.

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