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Thailand’s national language is one of a group with significant linguistic and cultural differences to English.

With its own written script, and a tone-based pronunciation system, global businesses can rely on our highly-skilled and experienced Thai linguists to help them strike exactly the right note.

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About Thai

  • The Thai language is a member of the Tai language group, which evolved in the geographical area between China and Vietnam.
  • It is spoken by an estimated 55 million people in South East Asia, most of them in Thailand, where it is the official national language. Outside Thailand, one of the largest concentrations of Thai speakers is in Los Angeles, California, which is home to an estimated 80,000 Thai immigrants.
  • The oldest loanwords in Thai come from Chinese. It has also absorbed vocabulary from Sanskrit, Khmer (official language of Cambodia) and Portuguese. More recently, significant borrowings have been made from English.
  • The Thai alphabet consists of 42 consonant signs, as well as vowel and tone markers.
  • The language is written from left to right, with spaces to indicate punctuation.
  • Thai is mutually intelligible with Laotian, the national language of neighbouring Laos.

Thai translation facts

  • Unlike English, Thai is a highly contextual language, with subtle tones used to indicate meaning. Monosyllabic words are adapted through five variations in pitch (low, mid, high, rising or falling).
  • Degrees of formality and politeness are central to the Thai culture and language. There are formal and informal variations for ‘eat’, ‘drink’ and many other words. Pronouns (e.g. he/she) are also adapted to show different degrees of politeness and respect. Politeness in Thailand, however, tends to reflect mutual respect, rather than a strict hierarchical social structure.
  • Standard Thai, which is spoken in the Central Region of the country, is used in schools, by the media and for official purposes. Other key dialects largely correspond with geographical areas. Several of these are considered distinct enough to qualify as separate languages.
  • Thai has its own set of numerals and also uses Arabic ones.
  • Surnames were only introduced to Thailand in the early 20th century, and calling a person by their last name can still be considered unusual/unnatural.

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