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In common with all the Slavic languages, Ukrainian translation requires an expert human eye to achieve high quality results

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Thanks to 30+ years’ translation and localisation experience, and thousands of certified linguists, our expert teams will swiftly and sympathetically translate your Ukrainian texts to English (and vice versa).

About Ukrainian

  • Ukrainian is an East Slavic language, the national language of Ukraine and a co-official language of Moldova and Serbia.
  • More than half of its 51 million speakers live in and around Ukraine. Beyond Europe, sizable minority groups can be found in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Canada.
  • Ukrainian is descended from the ancient East Slavic language, along with Russian and Belarusian. Historically, the three shared grammatical features and a writing system.
  • The language underwent long periods of subordination in the face of Russian and Polish power and it wasn’t until 1991 (Ukrainian independence from the USSR) that it was reinstated into the educational system and became the national language of government, media and business.
  • Today, many natives still speak Russian but use of the national language is increasing after long periods of decline. Interest in Ukrainian literature is growing rapidly.
  • The official Ukrainian dictionary contains 135,000 entries, showing lexical similarities with Belarusian and Polish.
  • In common with other Slavic languages, Ukrainian is written in a Cyrillic alphabet, as opposed to the Latin script (the writing system of most modern languages).
  • The Ukrainian language was officially recognised as the second most melodic language in the world (after Italian) in a 1934 Paris competition.

Ukrainian translation facts

  • At least 15 distinct Ukrainian dialects exist (grouped under the broad headings, Northern, South-Eastern and South-Western). The Rusyn language (spoken in parts of Serbia, Croatia and Slovakia) is also classed as a Ukrainian dialect by some experts.
  • Ukrainian grammar rules are more flexible than the English ones, meaning words can be strung together in almost any sequence. Breaking sentences into parts and gluing them back together after translation can lead to robotic-sounding results.
  • English nouns have only singular or plural forms, whereas Ukrainian nouns have 14 possible variations depending on how they are used in sentences.
  • Machine Translation (MT) is not recommended for Ukrainian as the results typically need reworking to create text that is natural and easy to read.

Ukrainian translation and interpretation services

Trusted by businesses thebigword is first choice for companies requiring fast and professional Ukrainian translation. Our skilled and experienced native speakers are available 24/7 for all your Ukrainian-English and English- Ukrainian business translation needs.

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