A face to face meeting is the most commonly used solution for interpreting. While the benefits of face to face interaction are undisputed, Telephone Interpreting (TI) is a cost-effective and often underutilised way to receive immediate interpreting support.

Here, we share four reasons why Telephone Interpreting is the solution for you:

1. Cost-effective
When compared to the cost of a face to face appointment, the maths cannot fail to work in favour of Telephone Interpreting. Each time a conversation takes place over the phone the cost of travel is completely removed. This is a huge saving, particularly if your location is in a hard to reach area. Also, thanks to the immediacy of a phone call you won’t incur cancellation charges should booking requirements change.

2. Flexible
With over 250 languages available at the touch of a button, you can respond quickly to language requirements as they arise. Should you require a rare or underused language type, while a local linguist may be hard to track down, a phone connection means you will be connected with an interpreter much faster via telephone interpreting. Once your organisation has the Telephone Interpreting service setup, it is always there for you. It doesn’t have to replace face to face bookings but is simply available as a complementary service when you need it.

3. Preferable
In some circumstances a conversation over the telephone may be preferable to a face to face meeting. The anonymity afforded through a telephone call could provide necessary protection to the recipient. Telephone Interpreting can also fulfil basic or short conversation which is quickly and easily interchanged. Booking an interpreter for a face to face conversation that concludes within minutes could consume unnecessary time and money.

4. Easy
Booking an interpreter for a face to face meeting requires planning and organisation. Whilst the booking procedure itself may be straight forward there are additional considerations such as, venue confirmation, interpreter instructions and timesheet approval. With Telephone Interpreting, simply dial the number, place language preferences and within seconds an interpreter is on the line with you. The phone service is also mobile, so you don’t need to arrange a fixed venue for your call.

Ultimately it isn’t a choice of one solution over another. The beauty of Telephone Interpreting is its convenience. Once you have an account setup, you decide when the time and situation calls for this type of service.

Telephone Interpreting is a solution you cannot afford to be without

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