The hospitality industry is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries, creating a new job every 2.5 seconds, across the globe. [1] It unites people from all over the world and adds an impressive $3.4 trillion to the global economy every year! [2]

In all aspects of hospitality such as travel and tourism, airlines, hotels, and food and drink services, global consumers and digital innovations are evidently powering record economic growth with easily accessible information such as hotel booking apps, travel websites and savvy technologies for checking in and out.

Customer expectations are continuously evolving, looking for simple, user friendly tools to access information whenever and wherever and in whatever language they desire. The need for world-class, globally accessible hospitality services has never been greater.

When visiting a different country, whether for a holiday or business travel, consumers are likely to face language challenges. From checking into a hotel to ordering your favourite meal in a restaurant, communication barriers are inevitable. As consumer expectation increases and the need for efficiency, speed and seamlessly integrated platforms further increases. Language is an important factor in the masterpiece of global engagement. It is therefore importance for businesses to accommodate a multi-lingual experience, ensuring everyone’s experience is more personal and relevant.

From the initial start of a consumer’s journey on your website, through to the physical experience in a hotel, restaurant or on a plane, the entire process needs to not only cater for, but enhance the personalisation of the experience through the use of language and cultural references which apply to the audience. In fact, studies suggest that the decision making process is easier and more enticing when the content is localised to the native language of the buying audience.

And it’s not only to support the commercial aspects of the hospitality industry. Safety and security is a vital aspect in hospitality, whether it is the safety card on a plane or the fire escape in a hotel. Access to information in your native language is essential.

At thebigword, we have over 40 years’ experience in the hospitality industry. We understand that your guests want to feel at home, no matter where they are in the world, which is why we are trusted by some of the leading names in the industry. Visit our hospitality page to find out more or download our handy guide below.



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