Bringing Brazil and Britain together

In 2016, Brazil will play host to the Olympic and Paralympic Games and, following the success of the London 2012 Games, it has a hard act to follow. Widely applauded as the greatest Games ever delivered, London hosted more than 10,000 athletes from 205 nations around the world and attracted 680,000 visitors from overseas.

However, Brazil is aiming to go one step further and has turned to Britain to get their insights on the key elements of hosting a successful Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Brazilian politicians, civil servants and military personnel were keen to learn as much as possible from their British counterparts and a series of top-level meetings were organised to share best practice.


The Challenge

Overcoming language barriers
The only obstacle facing these crucial discussions was the language barrier and the Brazilian Embassy started a hunt for a language solutions provider that could ensure the talks could go ahead without a hitch.

Fresh from providing interpreting support at the London Games, thebigword was high on the list. Great value coupled with the dedicated knowledge of an in-house Brazilian project organiser, at the company’s global headquarters in the UK, ensured thebigword were chosen to help in the delivery of the next Olympic Games.

The talks required a mixture of skills from face-to-face and whispering interpreters to specialist interpreting technology and thebigword was able to provide everything needed to guarantee the meetings were as productive as possible.

The Solution

Creating conversations between global leaders
The meetings included Brazilian military leaders discussing security concerns, the UK and Brazilian finance ministers talking about funding the Games and each country’s minister for disabilities talking about the delivery and benefits of the Paralympic Games.

In some instances, thebigword provided support for meetings at the highest-level with former UK Prime Minister, Gordon Brown joining key talks.

In each session, thebigword had to facilitate the conversations by providing expert, discreet and confidential support to ensure both countries were able to work closely together on the future legacy of the Games.

Linguists trained to operate at the highest level
With high level diplomatic talks, thebigword had to provide expert linguists. Its dedicated recruitment team identified, assessed and then briefed the interpreters involved to ensure each interpreter could deliver what was needed.

thebigword project manager, Tiago Rocha, is a native of Brazil but based at thebigword global headquarters in Leeds and he was able to clearly communicate with the Brazilian Embassy about each assignment.


These talks were hugely important, not only for the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games in Brazil, but also for the relationship between two important nations. We were able to provide everything needed for these high-level discussions and, most importantly, facilitate the conversations.

We provided linguists who could operate at the top level and we were also able to guarantee the quality as we carefully assessed each interpreter and then ensured they were fully prepared and ready for their assignment. The project has been a success and now all eyes are on Brazil for the Games in 2016.


Tiago Rocha – Senior Project Manager, thebigword