Atlas Copco is a world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions. With a long established reputation for providing efficient solutions in compressors, generators, construction and mining equipment as well as industrial power tools, Atlas Copco is committed to offering innovative products designed to save money and improve productivity.

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Atlas Copco serves customers in more than 180 countries, has sales operations in more than 80 countries, with production facilities in more than 20. Its manufacturing is mainly concentrated in Belgium, Sweden, Germany, the United States, India and China.


The Challenge

Atlas Copco Industrial Technique, one of the company’s divisions, offers the most extensive range of industrial power tools and assembly systems on the market.

With a steady stream of small updates to existing safety manuals and operating instructions, as well as an increasing number of languages required due to a rise in demand, Atlas Copco Industrial Technique put out a tender for a cost-effective supplier which could deliver on quality, context and accuracy.

In addition, the supplier would need to have a proven track record in translating small updates in XML format (a mark-up language for encoding documents). This presented a translation challenge as, by nature, the short segments of texts do not have any context for the linguist to refer to, to ensure accuracy.

The Solution

thebigword was awarded the contract as it was able to demonstrate how it would meet Atlas Copco’s requirements in terms of quality for all the languages it needs – 27 at last count – thanks to
its more than 12,000 strong network of linguists. They were also able to provide linguists with relevant manufacturing experience and expertise to work with Atlas Copco to deliver highly bespoke translations.

thebigword was also able to demonstrate how it could offer the most competitive price by utilising their own innovative technology solutions. For example, thebigword Translation Management System (TMS) is an integrated technology system which brings together clients, project managers and linguists to deliver effective language services. By enabling the implementation of automated
processes, driving quality through the adoption of industry best practice and facilitating continuous access across all time zones; the TMS was the perfect solution for Atlas Copco.

By using thebigword Translation Management System (TMS) to automate steps in the translation workflow, turnaround times have improved and errors, inherent in a manual process, have decreased. The automation provided also added value to the translation delivery to Atlas Copco project managers as the files could be sent directly after export from the CMS and delivered ready to import, thus reducing their workload.

To address the challenges of context with short XML documents, thebigword engaged a pool of experienced translators with relevant subject matter expertise, to work alongside their dedicated technology, and provided them with comprehensive reference materials to enable them to do their job more effectively. thebigword has agreed that experienced linguists, trained in Atlas Copco’s terminology, will be dedicated to working on the company’s translations due to the steady flow of work and desire to improve on translation quality.

Centralisation of translation projects with thebigword has created year-on-year savings of 33% for Atlas Copco. Translations are now delivered within agreed turnaround times, and over the past 12 months, 100% were delivered on time, with 46% delivered early.


“We’ve been very happy with thebigword. Things have been very smooth. When issues have arisen they’ve been very minor and sorted out quickly. It’s been a very easy relationship.”


Gunilla Camara – Translations Responsible at Industrial Technique