My one year anniversary is fast approaching, celebrating a year of successful projects, quick-learning and vast marketing and design experience at thebigword. A steep step up from studying my A levels in Business Studies, Computer Science, Media and English at a nearby 6th Form, but from working within a dynamic marketing team I’ve built skills in design, social, programming and digital marketing that have spurred my ambition for pursuing a career in the marketing field.

Why did you decide to do an apprenticeship?

I decided to take up an apprenticeship, as the thought of University really did not excite me. I have spent the vast majority of my life in an education-based environment, so I thought entering the world of work would personally be a much better career step. I began searching for apprenticeships in marketing and, through an apprenticeship provider, I secured a role here at thebigword.

An apprenticeship involves a mixture of coursework and college based training, as well as on the job learning. This more practical format of learning is much more suited to me rather than going to university and I feel like I’ve learnt valuable skills very quickly.

So far my apprenticeship time at thebigword has been amazing; I feel like I have progressed and learnt valuable information not only about the industry, but also about business and marketing in general.


What sort of projects and responsibilities have you worked on in your first year with thebigword?

I have worked on a fair bit! I have supported projects on linguist engagement, launching the new website, graphic design and content creation. I have enjoyed every task I have been assigned and have received the best support I could ask for. I have been creatively stretched, and given responsibilities and independence in my work, which has been a fantastic way to develop.


Working in cooperation with various teams from the Leeds office, as well as from around the world, has further given me the opportunity to work with major clients and businesses. This has been fascinating.


What experience did you have prior to joining a marketing apprenticeship at thebigword?

Most of the experience I had before joining was self-taught. I helped with the family business, as well as running a small start-up. The vital knowledge I developed in these tasks enabled me to demonstrate these skills in my interview and ultimately secure my position here at Link Up House.

I developed my skills and knowledge before coming to thebigword through online tutorials and through various marketing books that I bought. I learnt best practice techniques in Search Engine Optimisation and digital marketing. As a person, I am curious, so learning new software and systems is something that I enjoy. I am fortunate that the majority of the skills that I have been learning are present in the tasks I have been completing at thebigword, so I have had chance to perfect them.


In summary

As an apprentice with thebigword, I feel like I have learnt invaluable knowledge that is not only industry related, but business related too. Most apprentices feel like they are looked down on in other businesses, but with thebigword I have worked with people from all levels, from apprentices to Larry the Chairman himself. This was definitely the right choice for my career and I look forward to developing further in the marketing team at thebigword.

We are always on the lookout for talented apprentices that share our values and passion for language services, so check out our careers  page for more details on apprenticeships.

Thomas Abram

Digital Marketing Coordinator