One month into working for thebigword, I can confidently say I am settling in well and thoroughly enjoying my role. In such a short space of time, I have quickly got to grips with various tasks from press releases and blog writing to conference social media, and feel very much a part of my welcoming team.

First impressions

In all honesty, I was apprehensive for my first day at thebigword. This is easily the largest company I have worked for, so the idea of stepping foot through the door into a highly successful company as a recent graduate was daunting to say the least. I had a multitude of questions going through my head such as ‘will my team like me?’, ‘will I get lost in this huge building?’, and (most importantly), ‘what time will lunch be?’

Jokes aside, I was excited for my new adventure with thebigword and my first impressions of the company were nonetheless impressive, which quickly eased my nerves and worries.

Joining a new team

Becoming part of a new team in a workplace is always a nerve-wracking experience. However, I was quickly assigned to manage exciting tasks, meetings and projects, and with the support of my new team, those nerves quickly went away. My team has been there to support with any question or query I have, no matter how minor it could seem to them. Every day I am meeting new, interesting people and quickly learning about how the company runs with each specific department.

I believe that learning from other people is an important aspect of any new job, and at thebigword the training is outstanding – it is clear that they value their employees and their journey with the company. Every day in the office is an enjoyable, happy experience, and not one day yet has been the same.

On the horizon

With lots of global events coming up, I will no doubt be keeping myself busy. Working alongside such an amazing team, every day is different and I am taking on new challenges each day. I am looking forward to what the next month brings and feel enthused and encouraged about my future with thebigword.

Emily Bell

Communication Executive