I have been working at thebigword for almost a year now and I couldn’t be happier with the support, opportunities and day-to-day working environment. I started in a temporary part-time role on reception and quickly progressed to a permanent full-time role. Recently, I’ve embarked on another ‘new’ journey with a position as an Executive Assistant. I am genuinely excited and looking forward to continuing to build my career with the company.

The first big step

Having come from a rather different background, working as an entertainer on cruise ships along with relocating from Scotland to Leeds only a couple of months before, I would be lying if the initial thought of working for such a reputable company (especially being front of house with my accent!) wasn’t a little bit daunting. However, with such a great team and support from management I quickly settled in to my new role and found my feet.

Settling in

It can always feel a bit difficult joining a team who already have a great dynamic, but I was welcomed with open arms. Everyone was very helpful and encouraging and I instantly felt like part of the team.

Being front of house, it is not only important to create a warm welcome to visitors but have an understanding of each department’s roles within the business for directing calls from the switchboard. thebigword is a large company with lots going on, so it definitely seemed like a lot to take in. Thanks to my training and my teams support, I learned quickly and was soon confident with all aspects of the job.

On the horizon

Shortly I will be moving from reception to working as an Executive Assistant for our in-house counsel and Senior Management Team. I am incredibly excited about this new position and super grateful that the opportunity was there for me. From only a year with thebigword it is very clear that progression within the company is certainly encouraged and I am very much looking forward to my future here.

Scott Peden

Executive Assistant