This last month I’ve come a long way from the flushed cheeks and sweaty palms of my first day. The natural nerves soon passed and anticipation ensued as I embarked upon a new adventure with a great team of creative marketers in thebigword marketing office.

First impressions

As with all new ventures there’s stages to familiarisation; learning the company lingo, meeting new faces, adjusting to different processes and even the simplest of challenges about where to go for lunch. Thankfully, my team had lunch and refreshments information covered.

With a diary full of meetings, projects already assigned and being immersed in a very fast-paced working environment, I soon felt at home in the marketing office. The team are full of energy, ideas and warm smiles, and no question is too much.

Part of the team

After my first few weeks, more conversations and meetings were making sense and I’d finally picked up a couple acronyms off the 5 documented pages of abbreviations to learn in the localisation industry. The new website had gone live, new projects had started to come my way, the team and I were collaborating on account plans and international projects, and I’d even won the latest CSR Bake Off with my Yorkshire Day rhubarb and vanilla layer cake. A very good start.

Forward thinking

It has been a busy month and a full on 4 weeks, to say the least. I’ve learnt a wealth of new information about a fast-moving, growing industry, networked internally with some incredibly bright minds and laid the foundations on a series of exciting projects exploring various media from email campaigns to events for thebigword and key accounts.

Working as part of an ambitious team, there’s a lot to look forward to and I’m eager and excited to be a part of this next chapter with the marketing team at thebigword.

We are always on the lookout for talented individuals that share our values and passion for language services, so check out our careers page for more details.

Alternatively, if you just fancy brushing up on your localisation acronym knowledge, download our handy guide.

Jessica Dodds

Senior Marketing Executive