This past month has marked a momentous and exciting change in my life, securing an amazing marketing role with Gould Tech Solutions (GTS) as part of thebigword Group.

First impressions

Upon my return to Leeds, I sought out multi-national companies that would best suit my varied background in marketing and project coordination. The inclusivity, professional development initiatives, and interdepartmental camaraderie were vital in my search. Upon completing my first month within thebigword Group, I can confidently say that the organisation covers all my interests.

Starting a new role in a country and culture different to your background with all new teammates can be a daunting endeavour. While I have felt a mixture of nerves and excitement, settling into my new team has been a breeze thanks to the wonderful people at thebigword. The departments, both large and small, have all been welcoming, allowing me to integrate and familiarise myself with many new faces, ultimately helping streamline the integration process.

Part of the team

thebigword and GTS demonstrate a strong sense of community and belonging, emphasising diversity, creativity, and inclusion of all backgrounds and industries.

Each day has brought new and exciting challenges with many upcoming projects, including our recently launched mobile application, WordSynk.

Forward thinking

It has been an engrossing month and immensely productive start. I’ve worked closely with key people around the business, getting to know how the company operates and immersed myself into enriching projects.

Working as part of an ambitious team, there are many exciting things in the pipeline, from global events to new launches and products.

My next focus is involvement with CSR and the work that thebigword Group do for both local and international charities. I love to give back to the community, and this gravitas thebigword places on community work is both impressive and wholly commendable.

We are always on the lookout for talented individuals that share our values and passion for language services. Please view our page for further details.

Maral Erol

Product Marketing Coordinator