As we celebrate International Translation Day – September 30th – the fantastic work of professional translators is recognised. Thanks to St. Jerome – the Bible translator considered the patron saint of translators – we are closer than ever to our international friends, colleagues, prospects and customers. So as we celebrate the Feast Day of St. Jerome we take a look at the transformation of translation work since his time.

The Translation Evolution
Translation was borne out of a necessity to communicate through trade and in many ways this remains unchanged. Fast forward to the present day and translation is still an important aspect of export and import activity as well as supporting changing communities through immigration.

Present day translating is already accelerated by technology, enabling translators to work even more productively, increasing the number of translations an individual can produce in a single day. The demand for translation continues to grow at a rate of 6.46% year on year, demonstrating how relevant the need to communicate globally is.

The Future of Translation
Machine Translation is already here but instead of posing a threat to translators it has actually created opportunity. Whilst machines provide instant translations, the discerning translation buyer understands the need for human translators to fully understand the context of a communication. So as technology develops, the way a translator works changes, resulting in human and machine working in harmony together.

Happy International Translation day to all translators, you do amazing work!