Last week, our technology company Gould Tech Solutions headed to London to take on the challenge of Microsoft’s ‘OpenHack’ event.

Microsoft OpenHack is a premium Microsoft event where a wide variety of customers and partners have the chance to learn through hands-on experimentation, using challenges based on real world customer engagements.

During the 3-day coding experience, GTS teamed up with industry peers and Microsoft experts to further develop their programming skills, by creating and developing innovative hacking solutions through 5 main challenges.

The GTS attendees successfully completed all 5 challenges over the 3 days, with several prizes won at the end! The course demonstrated how to use DevOps to manage continuous integration and deployment. This is particularly relevant and insightful, as we are continuously improving our operations, streamlining our release and development processes.

Jessica Hornby, Senior Software Developer at GTS, commented on the event: “The OpenHack was thoroughly enjoyable and challenging. We were able to develop our DevOp skills in an engaging way,

and we have been able to bring the knowledge back to the business and share what we have learnt.

It was really beneficial to have a Microsoft expert work alongside us, to help us with real life situations, which will help GTS improve their business processes. I look forward to attending the next Microsoft OpenHack event, and would recommend anyone else to keep a look out!”

GTS and thebigword Group have recently collaborated with Microsoft to move its whole technology infrastructure into the cloud. As a global company working with huge multinational corporations, Government and military operations, security is a top priority, and Microsoft offers a multi-layered solution.

We look forward to our continuous work with Microsoft, strengthening our relationship and developing programmers of the future.

About GTS:

Gould Tech Solutions Ltd provides clients with connectors, integrations, and highly automated systems to support the delivery of fast, accurate, and secure translation and interpreting services globally. As part of thebigword Group, GTS has over 30 years’ experience and knowledge of the language services industry.

Customers across the globe partner with Gould Tech Solutions to work on products that are designed to remove the complexities in managing content and interpreting needs.

 The company creates state-of-the-art language software for some of the world’s largest companies including some well-known Silicon Valley tech companies, British and US Government Departments.