Crafting creative global marketing campaigns for your clients can face you with many challenges – a language barrier being one of them.

If you’re aiming to reach a global audience and maximise return on investment for your clients’ campaign, localisation is an important aspect to consider, and partnering with a professional language service provider can help you achieve just that.

You may have created the most amazing marketing campaign for your client, however is important to stop and consider whether your marketing campaign will succeed and the message will clearly resonate in various other countries, languages, and cultures.

How do you ensure your campaign resonates with global markets?

Understanding a global message

Localisation partners truly understand that a global marketing campaign is more than just a message. They take into consideration deeper aspects such as the cultural nuances and complexities of the subject matter. Utilising transcreation for your campaign, can ensure you deliver a message with the right tonality and impact, whether that is through email, social media content, or SEO.

Transcreation is the process of maintaining the emotion and consistency of the message whilst recreating the way in which it is presented to best suit the needs of the target language customers. Often the phrases, product descriptions and guidance in one language, is not applicable or does not make sense when localised to another language. Transcreation bridges that gap, by taking the sentiment of the text or graphics and recreating them to suit the new target language and audience.

It doesn’t just stop at words. Often different languages utilise different characters or have different design preferences. It is important that you put your target market first and localise the look, feel and design, as well as content to ensure your campaign delivers results, first time and every time.

Reaching a global audience

When it comes to reaching maximum audience for your client, there is more to consider than a carefully crafted marketing message. Research has found that currently, the global digital population is just over 4 billion.[1] In fact, 4 in 10 purchases are now made using only an online channel for searching and buying.[2]

If executed and localised correctly, your clients’ campaign has the potential to reach an extremely large audience across the globe, particularly on the internet, in a variety of industries that your client wishes to target. This means your entire campaign, across all touchpoints needs to be suitably localised to have the best user experience across all marketing channels.

Eliminating potential backlash

Without the expertise and localisation guidance, there is a risk that your intended message may not land the way you planned for your target market. No matter how brilliant your campaign looks, it may not always be warmly welcomed in the exact same way in other countries and cultures.

For example, what may be considered humorous or harmless in one country, may be viewed as inappropriate or offensive in another. This could be damaging or reduce the ROI of your carefully crafted campaign.

From content transcreation to AdWords and PPC, thebigword can partner with you and work as an extension of your in-house team, ensuring your clients receive maximum exposure for their global marketing campaigns. Visit our global marketing page to find out more.