Did you know that the worldwide eLearning market is projected to be worth $325 billion in 2025?[1]

eLearning is becoming a hugely popular method of knowledge acquisition and learning across global offices. As the title suggests, eLearning is the delivery of educational resources, learning, and training through the use of electronic technologies, as opposed to a traditional classroom setting. This can be used for several purposes, such as employee training or customer engagement.

In 2019, eLearning is widely used by businesses across the globe to support their internal employee training. Impressively, eLearning for businesses has grown by 900% between 2001 and 2017. Evidently, this is becoming the norm of internal training culture and many organisations are jumping on board.[2]

What are the advantages of eLearning localisation?

There are several benefits of introducing eLearning courses to your business, such as an increase in retention and major rise in revenue. Amongst US organisations alone, eLearning has led to an impressive 42% rise in income! [3]

If employees have a deeper understanding of your company’s products and services then they are in a superior position to confidently upsell, cross sell, and become trusted advisors to both new and existing clients.

Importantly, if your business has offices across the globe, eLearning enables the delivery of training in a remote setting and allows employees to complete courses such as online quizzes, interactive games and videos at their own pace – saving valuable time, resources and money.

However, there is little point in delivering outstanding eLearning courses within your business if your employees cannot access this in their own native language. Statistics show that training delivered in the employee’s native language is much more likely to be effective as it evidences that you are accommodating for your employees, adapting your internal training and communications to better suit your employees preferred methods of learning. Ultimately, this improves performance and greatly benefits your business’s growth, brand, and reputation from the inside out.

Localisation of internal training considers more than just the core content of your products and services. Each country has its own specific cultural preferences and nuances, including appropriation, tone, graphics, and even colours. Professional localisation partners can perfect your eLearning whilst ensuring that your intended message and communication remains consistent across your organisation.

With our world-class expertise, specialist project managers and advanced language technology, we can transform your global communications for you and your business. Visit our eLearning page to find out more.


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