Our expert team of translation project managers undertook an eLearning project for one of the world’s largest logistics companies, now in over 220 countries and territories worldwide. With over 300,000 employees positioned around the globe they were seeking a professional partner capable of delivering their eLearning resources in multiple languages ready to deploy to their workforce.

The Challenge

The Client’s eLearning suite was spread across a wide range of file types and formats, with some content not being immediately available. This presented a challenge in assessing the level of work required and presented more challenges when delivering back to the Client in the correct formats across 16 language pairs. The translations all required a stringent review and QA process to ensure that content was accurate and compliant across 16 separate employment markets. As thebigword worked to create a viable solution for this project, we in turn created a workflow robust enough to be used as a standard for all the client’s translation projects.

The Solution

  • First thebigword Translation Project Managers ran source recreation on un-editable files and created templates suitable to return typeset translated content into.
  • The client project team analysed the raw content and used the clients own translation memory to limit costs for the client on repeated strings.
  • Translation Project Managers created a bespoke workflow; Initial translation, revision of repetitions and phrases, monolingual review followed by a final client review of the final product.
  • Typesetting, this included building the logic pathway for the course, recording a voiceover, analysis and optimisation of graphics and images.
  • Proofreading LQA; this consisted of a final check performed by a linguist on the amends made by previous linguists. Followed by a second client review once voiceover and course content are finalised.
  • A QA loop with amends at each stage until no more are suggested by the reviewers, including a review by monolingual client reviewers.
  • Project management of approx. 200 hours including; project planning, scheduling, estimating costs, negotiation with linguists, coordination of actions and reviews, creation of reusable linguistic briefings for future projects, liaison with third party reviewers and agencies for typesetting work and management of the client’s proprietary translation memory.


The Highlights

  • Total word count of approx. 10,000 words. Across HTM, TXT, PDF, and more file types.
  • Project Managers for thebigword liaised with our multimedia team to extract text from un-editable files for translation and recreate the documents in a format suitable to deliver back to the client.
  • Language pairs included; Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish.
  • Working with stakeholders in the Client’s Translation management team thebigword were able to deliver cost savings of just over 5% across the entire project with a view to increase % savings on any future eLearning projects.