Language spoken and written within organizations and industries usually includes jargon, acronyms and unique terms – particularly when connected with technical requirements. This individual language often excludes outsiders who could struggle to make sense of it.

The same principle applies to the content you share with an international customer. In both cases it’s important to ensure that a translation conveys your message in the right way whilst simultaneously protecting the unique language you use.

“it’s important to ensure that a translation conveys your message in the right way”

While specialist technical or medical terminology could be clearly defined by industry standards, brand messages and product or company names may require further consideration. It is important to define which elements you would like translating and which ones to exclude.

How you can improve translation quality

1. Support your translator
With a bit of effort to compile your preferred terminology including key phrases, brand names and legal terms, you can influence the translation quality you receive. Ask your Language Service Provider (LSP) how you can add this information to a Translation Management System, ready to be accessed by a translator. Check your information is in a secure location so only your approved terminology is used.

2. Keep terminology up-to-date
The initial creation of your terminology will take you a bit of time (unless your organization has this information to hand) but on-going maintenance is easy. Most sophisticated Translation Management Systems give you the freedom to add new terms, phrases and brand names. By keeping your terminology up-to-date the translator working on your content will always have the latest information to produce a highly accurate translation.

3. Achieve consistency
By setting your terminology rules from the beginning, you are reducing the likelihood of a translator making a rule (in the absence of one). With your terminology management in place, if you regularly require translations you can be sure the same terminology guidance is available for translators working on your content. The result of which is a consistent output which in turn enhances translation quality.

Don’t wait to be asked for your terminology or glossary information, ensure your Language Service Provider has a solution for you.

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