As Governments around the globe step-up their response to COVID-19, organisations are having to cut down on face to face meetings and conferences to protect staff and clients.

This leaves communications and marketing managers wrestling with the gap created. How do marketing teams keep the contacts going that help to drive income and secure jobs? How can they provide critical business intelligence into the marketplace they trade in?

If the likes of events and global conferences are part of your business-critical communications then all is not lost, as there are ways to interact and communicate with new markets in your language of choice remotely at home.

thebigword is a multilingual communications expert who can help you repurpose the events you have planned to an online environment and help create a sustainable programme, including new income. We can help companies to use this downturn to benefit the business massively in the long run.

We pride ourselves on our ability to support our customers with instant interpretation and translations services. Our advances in technology allow us to move away from face to face and provide services over the telephone and through video remote interpretation.

Contact us today to find out more how can we help you facilitate your entry to new markets.