How to keep communicating when the weather turns

Winter time can bring about some pretty harsh conditions. When Mother Nature strikes we are given a stark reminder of how fragile our infrastructure can be. So how do we keep critical services going when transportation is delayed or cancelled? Emergencies don’t stop for bad weather and, if anything, generate more. This stress and strain on essential services is a battle each year.

“ Emergencies don’t stop for weather “

If emergencies require language support, it is possible that inclement weather could also affect an interpreter getting through. This could have a significant impact should language differences prevent vital information being exchanged. There are solutions available to overcome communication difficulties in the face of adversity.

Here are two ways you can keep communicating when the weather turns:

1. Telephone Interpreting
If phone communication is still possible the Telephone Interpreting (over the phone) solution can be a life saver. It is free to set up an account and in less than 30 seconds a conversation can be enabled across a number of languages. With no need for travel, sourcing an interpreter is unrestricted.

2. Video Remote Interpreting
If a face to face interaction is a requirement, such as for sign language. Then Video Remote Interpreting is a viable alternative. Requiring simply an Internet connection, computer and web cam facility, this brings an interpreter virtually into the room. The speed of setup is ideal in scenarios where the person requiring language support is immobile. A transmission could take place at a hospital bedside.

With minimal setup these alternatives can keep you moving even when everything around you stops. Don’t let poor weather leave you without communication options.

thebigword is available to support your language communication needs throughout the winter season. You can rely on our solutions to meet your requirements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week across 365 days of the year.