Securing interpreters for face-to-face-bookings is no easy task. Checking their location, qualifications and availability is a lot to cover before a booking can be confirmed. The work continues after every appointment as the client needs to confirm the booking took place and the interpreter needs to submit an approved time sheet.

Whilst it may be possible to manage the process manually for low volume face-to-face interpreting, it would be difficult to successfully coordinate multiple bookings with few resources. This makes self-sufficiency untenable for the vast majority, yet the right technology can change that. Specialist automation technology can increase efficiency so that bookings can be made in their thousands, in minutes. Interpreters could be automatically sourced and matched against given criteria to fulfil bookings with little manual intervention. In addition, all matched interpreters could be automatically notified when an assignment becomes available.

This technology dramatically changes the landscape when it comes to fulfilment of interpreting services. Through a simple software subscription, an organisation could access a powerful people management system to do the work, with minimal resources required. A customisable booking solution also ensures the precise needs of the end user can be met. The accuracy of such a match means even the most challenging of requirements such as, security clearances, qualifications and interpreter preferences would be easily satisfied.

Organisations typically access interpreting services through Language Service Providers, using their infrastructure and interpreter network to fulfil interpreter bookings. With specialist technology providing the means to bring such an operation in-house, there are alternative solutions available to large volume requesters.

IMS Direct from thebigword provides a ‘Software as a Service’ (Saas) subscription model for a complete interpreting booking solution.