IBM was seeking a partner that could provide resources to provide language support and help manage their internal processes.

• Translation cycle time reduction of 23%
• Total end-to-end cycle time reduction of 59%
• Reduction in operating costs vs. cost of FTE
• 9% reduction in translation costs due to vendor engagement and alignment of content to better leverage centralized TM
• Reduced new employee and job function training from 90 to 3 days
• Eliminated waste of $156K of translation content that became obsolete prior to the completion of the incountry company review.


The Challenge

IBM faced challenges recruiting the right skillset; finding a language services partner that could enhance the process and help streamline the management of the global content life-cycle, reduce turnaround times, and create a better audit trail of the translation process. In addition, the company faced a hiring freeze and premium charges to employ cross-country staff internally.

The Solution

thebigword team conducted a due diligence process, established the goals and objectives, company culture, skillset requirement, and job function. We built out a custom program plan for agreement with the client. Upon acceptance of the plan, thebigword aligned resources, provided training, aligned technology platforms, and implemented the program. Performance measurements and continuous improvements are implemented on a quarterly basis to ensure that cumulative value is added on an ongoing basis.


thebigword delivered exactly what we wanted

“A much improved service for language support compared with our previous supplier ’ it’s been absolutely great value for money and means we’ve seen some decent savings.”