International Translation Day is a significant celebration in the language industry, recognising the hard work that language professionals do to break down the communication barrier, facilitate dialogue, and bring peace and harmony. It is celebrated each year on September 30th, deriving from St. Jerome, the Bible translator considered the patron saint of translators.

Translation is a hugely important aspect of modern day society. Translation has played a vital role in breaking down cultural divides, since the earliest days of human interaction. In the modern era, it manifests itself into many aspects of the way we live, from internet shopping to the world of work.

The word ‘translation’ actually comes from a Latin term ‘translatio’, which simply means, “to bring or carry across”. It was first introduced as a way to overcome communication barriers and geographic differences for the purpose of trade. But where exactly did it all begin and how has the industry evolved? Check out our ‘history of translation’ blog here.

Without translators and language professionals, communication across the globe would undoubtedly be a huge challenge. Language truly is the final barrier to peace and harmony. Happy International Translation day to all translators!