To succeed globally, it is more than just building bridges – it is about truly connecting with your audience and carefully crafting messages and campaigns that resonate.

It is our mission to give everyone the power to communicate without language barriers and local customs matter. We understand that specific markets and helping clients trade and communicate with customers across the globe is what we do best.

Ensuring that your content resonates in your customers native language may involve both interpretation and translation services – but which one do you need?

What is the difference?

Though both translators and interpreters are linguists and both deal with converting one language into another, their roles are not interchangeable – which only increases the confusion. However, there are key differences between an interpreter and a translator.

Interpreters deal with spoken language orally, while translators deal with written word. Both interpretation and translation require skilled cultural and linguistic understanding as well as expert knowledge.


Interpreting consists of establishing oral or manual communication between two or more speakers who are not speaking or signing the same language.

An interpreter’s role is to help establish direct communication with an individual (e.g a professional) and a person with limited English proficiency (LEP). In complex or sensitive situations, interpreting is the perfect solution due to the speed.

Interpreters convert either spoken or sign language statements from one language to another. In most cases, interpreting involves listening (or view), understanding and memorising content from the original language and reproduce it whilst preserving its original meaning but rephrasing colloquialisms and other culturally specific references in ways the target audience can understand.

Interpreting can carried out in various ways: face to face which can be in the same room or a nearby conference booth, telephone when the interpreter is in a different location from the speakers or via video remote which can be done using internet-based technologies.

thebigword can help you manage all your interpreting needs within the comprehensive WordSynk Interpretation platform. Our platform ensures that within minutes, you can book and connect with a specialist interpreter that fits your requirements.

From delicate face-to-face negotiations, to interpreting booths at exhibitions, thebigword has the right service for you. With over 40 years of experience of providing highly-skilled interpreters, we know what works.


Translation involves written or audio material between more than one language, and a translator is usually used in this process. The translator converts written word from one language to another, and their goal is to have people read the translation as if it were the original piece of content.

This means the translator must be able to write sentences that flow, whilst keeping facts and ideas the same as the original. Any expressions that do not translate literally, such as slang or cultural references. Whilst the translation mainly happens for written text, audio and video can be translated and transcribed too.

Translation has been regarded as a human activity for centuries, however, advances in technology seen a demand for machine translation to save time and money.

thebigword’s translation platform aligns people, procedures, assets and management data across the entire translation process. With unrivalled security features and machine learning algorithms, WordSynk Translation automatically assesses the best workflow for your needs, utilising Machine Translation, AI, and translation memory to leverage high quality, cost-effective outcomes.

Which do I choose?

In an increasingly interconnected world, the demand for effective communication has never been greater. Here at thebigword we have developed the language services and technology to help your business not only cope but thrive in this global arena.

When you are communicating with people across multiple languages, the reassurance of a highly skilled interpreter within your environment is invaluable. thebigword has the most extensive network of linguists in the world which means we provide the best interpreter for the job and a service you can rely on.

You need translations you can rely upon to convey your message in the right way. From marketing materials through to localised software and website content, thebigword presents the right solutions to meet your expectations.

Whether you need to translate website content across multiple languages, or you need a face to face interpreter in an emergency, we understand that the needs of every business are unique. As the need for language services grows, thebigword has the right solutions, expertise and people to deliver every single time.