Ladbrokes is the largest betting company in the UK and the world’s biggest retail bookmaker, with 2,400 betting shops in the UK and Ireland and more in Europe.

After starting out as commission agents for horses trained at Ladbroke Hall in Worcestershire almost 130 years ago, Ladbrokes has evolved into a major multi-national business that turns over more than £1bn a year.

Today, in addition to providing betting services both on the high street and online, the company now also offers a wide variety of online gaming services, allowing customers to gamble on everything from poker and casino games to bingo and backgammon.


The Challenge

With a growing global appeal, Ladbrokes was attracting customers and gamblers in multiple locations around the world and that meant they had to be able to communicate in multiple languages.

One of the fastest growing areas of the business was the digital offer, where customers could access betting and gaming services instantly online.

To further enhance their appeal and grow their customer base, Ladbrokes realised they would have to translate key betting and gaming platforms into a range of languages. Most importantly, these new translated sites would also have to be thoroughly tested to ensure they met the high standards set by the company.

The Solution

In the fluid world of online gambling, Ladbrokes has a hard-earned reputation for delivering ambitious new products and services to the market first. It is renowned for embracing new ideas, announcing to the world that it will offer the products within weeks and then delivering them on time and to a high standard.

With a new focus to translate their online offer into multiple languages, Ladbrokes needed a language provider that could understand the language and legislation of the gambling world, turn around translation projects quickly and, most importantly, ensure they met the high standards of the organisation.
Ladbrokes had strict deadlines and major challenges that needed to be met, so it turned to thebigword for help as it set its sights on international expansion.

With a huge team of expert linguists, thebigword was able to provide translators who had a deep understanding of the complex world of online gambling and who were also able to also translate the complex legal pages that are an integral part of Ladbroke’s services.

thebigword had to translate six million words into 24 different languages, covering a wealth of material ranging from gaming pages to marketing material. The project had multiple challenges and thebigword called in its linguists from around the world to make sure it was delivered on time.

Crucially, thebigword was also able to test every aspect of the service for Ladbrokes to make sure everything was operating. The team at thebigword tackled every user function and every customer journey in each of the languages, ensuring the launch into new markets was flawless.

In a project controlled by ambitious targets and strict deadlines, thebigword delivered the expertise, systems and quality needed to support the growth of an international brand.