Ensuring your clients understand not only the literal meaning of a financial report or communication but also the spirit and context of the message is an industry essential. As such, delivering suitable language support for financial projects can be both complex and challenging.

Whether you are undertaking expansion into new overseas markets or offering one on one financial advice to limited speaking or non-English clients, it is vital to consider how you:

  • manage industry specific terminology
  • remain compliant with industry regulations
  • protect sensitive client data and information

Safeguarding your terms
When dealing with specialist products and schemes, it’s essential to ensure that the unique terminology which defines the offering is captured. Before embarking on a language project, set out a glossary of the key terms – something an expert language service provider can help with.

“ensure that the unique terminology which defines the offering is captured”

This will help to safeguard both translation accuracy and unique wording, and can deal as much with what is and what is not translated – it’s important to remember there are many standard industry terms should remain in English.

Working in a regulated environment
While terms are important, this is only the first step in supporting your language needs. Context is all important to both client and regulator in ensuring that the full meaning of a statement is understood. To make sure your messages are clear, fair and not misleading beyond English, working with linguists with industry knowledge is just as vital a consideration as working with experienced professionals within your own business.

“context is all important to both client and regulator”

A sufficient level of specialism will also bear fruit when the nature of financial communications is considered. Unlike, for instance product user manuals, the variables of financial statements and products mean that standardised copy can often not be simply deployed and updated. Here a linguist with an intimate understanding of the subject matter will help to safeguard the meaning of a complete document through accurate translation and proofreading.

Securing client information
Though the quality of communications is important in building client trust, the security of data must absolutely be guaranteed. With the internal processes of any regulated body set up to take special care of sensitive client information, ensuring a language service provider is able to maintain exacting security measures is a must.

“security of data must absolutely be guaranteed”

Advanced technology solutions and bespoke project workflows which plug directly into your systems are the most effective methods for retaining security and can be effectively supported by thebigword through the industry leading Highly Secure Translation Editor (HSTE). Protecting both the content subject to translation and any sensitive glossaries or reference material supplied, the impenetrable security features of HSTE ensures complete peace of mind and customer confidence.

HSTE is the market-leading solution for the guaranteed protection of your content throughout the translation process. Impenetrable security features safeguard content, reference materials, glossaries and translation memory data within the editor at all times. Incorporating HSTE into your translation process allows for complete peace of mind.

Securing an effective language solution for the Financial Services industry can be a complex undertaking. By working closely with an experienced language service provider offering expert linguist resource and a secure translation system, you can make great strides to both engender client confidence and meet key regulatory requirements.

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