The automotive industry is thriving more than ever. Digital transformations, new technologies and the vast capabilities of automobiles and motor vehicles are continuously developing, making the automotive market soar and opening up a variety of opportunities, particularly for manufacturers and LSP’s. In the US alone, the auto industry ended 2018 with sales of 17.3 million new vehicles.[1]

Automobiles are no longer old-fashioned four-wheeled vehicles, getting you from A to B with basic features and straightforward designs.  New technologies such as artificial intelligence, speech recognition, and the near future of entirely self-driving vehicles are greatly enhancing the experience of driving automobiles.

The development of smart vehicles such as Tesla is increasingly on the rise. It’s actually been predicted that by 2020, there could be 1 million autonomous, self-driving vehicles on the road! [2]  With the development of smart cars, comes the integration of AI technology such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri and Cortana, and consequently, a rising need for translation and interpretation.

You can now make commands and instructions to your car through voice control, making it vital that car manufacturers ensure this feature is accessible in a variety of languages. Consequently, this means a great demand from LSP’s for a fully accessible, integrated smart system. There is little sense in investing large amounts of money into a smart car, for its ‘Alexa’ type features not to be fully advantageous.

Aside from the technological aspect, the other more ‘traditional’ benefits of owning a car also require involvement from a Language Service Provider (LSP). From making a vehicle purchase to its general maintenance, there is substantial documentation that needs to be made available to the owner, such as user manuals, contract agreements and warranty information. It is essential that all such information is accessible in local market language. Key messages and instructions need to be communicated correctly, to prevent potential problems occurring further down the line.

At thebigword we continuously invest in our technology and translation services to support the automotive market. We work with a variety of clients in this field such as Ford Motors, Honda, Mazda, Pirelli and Toyota, to name a few. We have translated over 13 million words into 46 languages in the last three years alone in this sector.

Our connectors and fully automated processes allows the automotive industry to bring their vehicles to multiple markets in record time.

We can help you translate and localise your automotive content and help your business succeed in the global market. Visit our automotive page to find out more.