Manufacturing is a vital global industry, impacting a number of sectors and businesses, from machinery to construction. Global opportunities have never been greater for manufacturers – exporting into new markets, doing business overseas and developing new, innovative solutions.

Technology is empowering the future of the manufacturing industry, yet simultaneously posing problems to the way it once operated, with the rise of smart devices, digital factories and a growing requirement to embrace digital media to remain competitive.

With a growing global audience and requirement for more marketing savvy online material, there is a great emphasis on industry-specialised, top class translation to assist you with keeping up with competitors and remaining the supplier of choice. Creating world-class products in an era of technological advancements is no longer enough.

Research shows that in Europe, 42% of Europeans will not buy a product if the description is not in their language. Therefore, it is important that such technical and intricate content such as catalogues and service manuals are fully localised to increase revenue, remain competitive and appeal to a wider audience across the globe.

At thebigword we invest in our technology to continue developing the latest software and processes. We can help you translate and localise your manufacturing content and help your business succeed in the global market. Visit our manufacturing page to find out more or download our handy guide for more information.

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