Case Study Highlights

  • Experienced support for challenging, multi-million pound public sector contract
  • Customised processes and technology solutions
  • Saving of 85% on expert interpreters and translators for sensitive issues
  • Complete end to end implementation management

The Client
Leading global provider of health and employment services, Maximus has been delivering solutions for government and corporate clients for over 40 years. Servicing over a million clients in the UK alone, the organisation has built a reputation for excellence based on internal development and a hand picking of strategic business partners.


The Challenge

Providing a safe pair of hands
When a company takes on one of the most controversial Government contracts of recent years, it needs to know everyone involved in the project can provide a safe pair of hands.

The UK Government’s Fit for Work scheme set out to save the British economy some £165 million a day by assessing people’s fitness for work and entitlement to benefits. Beset with controversy, the scheme was abandoned by the initial provider. In the aftermath, leading international health and human services provider Maximus UK secured the contract and set about putting the scheme back on track.

To deliver the programme effectively, Maximus needed companies with industry expertise. As an experienced public sector supplier which had already worked as language services provider for the programme, Maximus looked no further than thebigword to provide language and localisation support.

The Solution

Expert language solutions
Maximus, who as part of the scheme, is responsible for working with an estimated 815,000 claimants annually, tasked thebigword as sole language solutions provider to deliver the technology, people and expertise needed to realise their ambitious goals.

Deploying a dedicated project management team to handle implementation, thebigword first helped to migrate key services to Maximus. Providing the technology and customised processes needed to meet the challenges of improving the programme, the solution provided saved Maximus both time and specialist manpower.

By fully integrating thebigword technology into Maximus’ own systems, staff on the frontline were able to access translation and interpretation services quickly and with ease.

Most importantly, Maximus could be confident in knowing that every language requirement would be met quickly, efficiently and accurately as they worked to help those involved in the scheme.
As part of the partnership thebigword implemented a full assessment of the scheme requirements. Telephone interpreting has been introduced as the first stage in the claims process for non-English speakers. Not only does this provide a quick solution – contact with a linguist can be made within just 30 seconds – but also offers the cost savings associated with a solution which is 85% cheaper than the Face- to-Face alternative. Specialist linguists from thebigword also translate key documents and support or attend Face-to-Face meetings and assessments when appropriate to help ensure the communication process is handled smoothly and effectively.

Maximus needed a safe pair of hands


“We weren’t the cheapest provider, but we were picked because of what we had to offer – experience, expertise and knowledge.

Maximus liked the fact we were specialists and we designed bespoke processes to exactly meet their requirements. This is a challenging project for Maximus, but they have loved how simple we’ve made the technology and whole process for them.

Understanding languages are a key element of the success of this scheme and the linguists, technology and support we have provided has been pivotal.”


Amanda Ree
Strategic Development Director, thebigword