Being a global company with over 600 exceptional employees, we are a hot bed for interesting talents and creativity, from multi lingual experts to international Amateur Radio artists. Multiple studies have researched and proved the benefit of pursuing hobbies outside of work and have identified the correlation between employee happiness and productivity. Creative pursuits not only encourage relaxation, but contribute to a healthy, active brain.

Expressing my creativity

Before working in the localisation industry, I hadn’t really thought about the impact of languages in my own personal life. Aside from traveling and the little language skills I’d learnt at school, my exposure has been fairly limited. So I thought.

From a young age I’ve been exploring my interest in music and over the years I have taken lessons and grades in the violin, piano, bass guitar (I thought I was going to be in a band in my teens), and most recently singing. I took this education further studying music at GCSE and A Level and upon reflection, especially in vocal pieces, can see the importance of language understanding and expression.

For my A Levels I sang Italian Arias and in practising for my grades sang pieces in Latin and German. Not only was the melody and the pronunciation of the words of great weight when performing, but understanding the nuances of message meaning to creatively express the passion of a piece of music is what moves listeners and truly enables a vocalist to perform as opposed to just singing.

This hobby has enabled me to lead choirs in Bruges and Venice and visit places all over the UK, singing in multiple languages. Visual and musical arts have the ability to transcend language barriers, but to truly express the language of music you have to understand the nuances of the messages you are conveying.

Putting pen to paper

Supporting my role as a marketer, over my years in the profession I’ve explored ghost writing. Ghost writing is simply putting pen to paper for another person, who will ultimately take the credit and kudos of the piece. This is fairly commonplace for busy senior professionals.
My original degree is in English Language and Literature and I’ve used this training and my experience in the marketing industry to hone my skills and produce relevant content for various thought leaders. Until now, my work has never been translated, my content has travelled and been showcased in the US and Australia on topics from finance to technology and gamification.

Writing is something I’m very passionate about and I look forward to the opportunities at thebigword for sharing and collaborating on interesting and inspiring content for our global audiences.

A tasty combination

Aside from music and writing, I also enjoy baking. I’ve been exploring recipes from family favourites to international delicacies and have been sharing my ideas and creations with family, friends and the internet since 2011. With a much smaller impact than that of writing and music, producing locally here in Yorkshire, my only international expansion was when I joined a camp in Pennsylvania in 2014 to teach culinary arts and redesign recipes for US ingredients. Although a smaller reach, my passion for baking takes inspiration from all over the world, with many trends originating overseas.

At thebigword we actively encourage and celebrate our diverse team, and their hobbies through CSR initiatives, music Fridays and the opportunity to share content. For more information on our team’s talent, make sure to keep an eye on our blog for future pieces in the series.

Jessica Dodds
Senior Marketing Executive